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Help about travel insurance

Hi Ladies. I know one of you can help me. I know i have terminal oc with a spread to the omentum. But on no treatment and no meds and scans cant find it at mo. Its sleeping and long may it. ( has been asleep for 2 years now). I know i am really lucky and i do thank God. But i do have a wish list. Have been able to do a few now. but i want to swim in warm water. So me and hubby are wanting to go to Caribbean in May this year for our 30th anniversary. Just been online and got quoted 2,500 for the travel ins. Bummer!!! Is there any companies that are reasonable? or should i get insurance and not have the oc covered.?? Advice would really be appreciated ladies.

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Hi Marianna

Well done on keeping this monster at bay and long may this last.

Nobody can really advise you as there is no perfect answer to this dilemma. If you can find the money then that would mean that at least you will have peace of mind when you are there. On the other hand if you are covered for everything else such as an accident then it may not be so terrible. I did not have invasive OC , but had borderline OC . My hubby and I dive and I have been "economical " with the truth on the forms you fill in before diving. I would never recommend this to others , but I have derived enormous benefit from our trips. However my disease is far far less likely to recurr than yours.

Whatever you decide I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful trip.


Charlie xxx


Thanks Charlie12. I do get annoyed as my oc is not pervasive and i have had no symptoms and on no treatment. It is also really slow when starts. So i have to decide what to do. Think they (INS) are happy if i stay in europe. but there is no warm water in europe in early May. So thanks again and may your future be fantastic.


Hi Marianna

My son treated me to a holiday in the Maldives when I was in remission from my grade 3 OC. I felt perfectly fit, the cancer was quietly minding it's own business, so I took out travel insurance just for accidents etc and NOT for the cancer. I did of course check with my Onc that he was happy for me to travel so far away (he was totally encouraging), so off I went and had a truly wonderful holiday. So my advice is definitely to go for it and BB to the FC. (see my blog for translation!!!)

Love Patsy x


Hi Marianna,

I am thankfully insured through my private medical insurance company PPP AXA who have been brilliant with my travel insurance.

Over a year ago I took an article out of the travel section of the Sunday Times - I hope it may be of some use to you. I have posted it on this site somewhere before, a number of months ago. Other cancer patients I know have used Staysure over 50, and also


Affordable insurance for those with health issues

World First (0845 908 0161; is a well-respected family-run insurance company that has been trading for 35 years.

It has become something of a saviour for older people with stable, controlled medical conditions seeking travel insurance. It is fully regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

What sets World First apart is its in-depth risk analysis approach to medical screening. This is done in-house by its team of five and enables the insurer to give more competitive quotes, as this reader discovered.

World First offers single-trip travel insurance for periods of up to one year, and an annual policy with a 62-day per trip limit. The maximum age is currently 79 but the company hopes to raise this to 99.


Hope the above helps.

Love Anna xx


Hi Marianna

Give MIA a ring on 011268782745 I have found them to be very good, I have only been to europe though. MIA stands for medical Internet access and if you are insured with someone else like the bank that won't insure you for ovca MIA will knock off what you are insured for like lost baggage etc. so it brings the price down might be worth a try, then you will have peace of mind.

All the best Gwyneth.


Hi Maranna,

My onc advised against not taking out cover for the cancer in case I needed to be repatriated in a hurry. Failure to disclose can invalidate the entire insurance. When I went off to the Baltic & Russia in 2010, and had 2 other trips as well, I got annual insurance for all Europe, inc Russia, for around £400 from Citybond Suretravel, , i am hoping to go to the Eastern Med this year and swim in warm seas, that is once I get used to the colostomy! I have decided that the exotic is too expensive, a pity because I had hoped to visit my niece in Oz! My sister is going to sus out Citybond tho ss she has just finished radiotherapy for breast cancer!


Hi Maranna,

I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your dilemma, but would like to add a comment from you own experience.

Almost 13 years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 1V Ovarian cancer (in remission since finishing first line treatment). Two years ago my hubby and I went to buy travel insurance the place we'd bought our car and travel insurance for many years.

However, there was a change this time; hubby had reached the age of 65 and was therefor a 'senior citizen' and so an extra form appeared in front to us with a list of questions. One of the questions was if either of us had ever had cancer, so I answered truthfully and said, "yes".

When I handed the form back to the woman behind the desk, she simply said, "We cannot insure you!"

"WHAT?" I said (aghast) ... "I've been in remission for 10 years, why can't you insure me?"

She answered with a shrug and advised us to go elsewhere for insurance.

"Try the place down the street" she said (nicely, ... because it wasn't her fault, she was just following company rules). After an extensive and vigorous search we finally found travel insurance through the BCAA (British Columbia Automobile Association), but for a while I thought we'd be restricted to home turf here in Canada. I wish you good luck in your "insurance" search.



Dear Marianna

I've been abroad 4 times since my diagnosis and I'm about to go on a skiing holiday. I have holiday insurance through my bank account which covers the general holiday hiccoughs and winter sports so I haven't needed to disclose or contact the bank before any of the trips.

I wouldn't expect to claim if I needed treatment or incurred expenses for a cancer-related problem but I reckon I'm not going to need anything like that in the course of a week or fortnight's holiday if I'm feeling well when I go. Having said that I've never been abroad if I didn't have the money to buy a ticket home if there was a catastrophe. I'm intrigued by all these blogs. Am I being naive in my approach? I'm genuinely wondering what treatment anyone might need for ovarian cancer in the course of a week or two whilst on holiday.

I'd be really grateful if anyone would give me feedback particularly if you have any experience of this as I might need to take up some of your ideas on getting additional insurance before my next holiday.

To all those of you taking holidays in lovely places - I say enjoy them while you can.

with love and hugs.

Annie xxx


Hi Annie

We get holiday insurance thrown in with the bank account, and when I read somewhere, 2 years ago, about people who had had treatment for cancer not being insured, I thought I'd better check up (this was after 6 years of travel in blissful ignorance!) I was told by the insurers that, as I was unlikely to need immediate medical attention linked to my cancer while I was on a two week holiday, it was enough to have declared it. I know I won't be covered if I have a sudden recurrence while away, but that is so unlikely, and if I was feeling ill again or having any symptoms that made me feel that it was coming back, I'd be at home getting medical diagnoses and not going away. I figure it's a risk I'm willing to take. Enjoy your skiing holiday, I'm trying to get fit enough to go this year after a 5 year gap :-S

Love, Wendy xx


Good for you trying to get fit! I haven't skied for 12 years and I've just turned 59!! I'm going to enjoy this one in case it's my last!!!! xxx Enjoy your hol.


Hate to say it Annie, but your bank insurance states that you should contact them if anything changes... when we were going to San Fransisco and LA we found this and told them about my cancer and they immediatley said they couldn't cover me for the cancer, but we disputed it as we had booked before I was diagnosed. In the end they said we could get cancellation cover but nothing else. I now have an exclusion clause on the bank insurance for the cancer or any related problems. (We paid for flights home when I was poorly at the end of the trip).




Hi I Wonder if you wouldn't mind telling me which bank you got your travel insurance with, I have had op in July 11and 6 carbo/taxol chemo, waiting for first scan results after chemo. Would like to book a holiday, but first time we have had to deal with having to declare a serious illness. We get our Travel Insurance through Barclay's Premier Account at the moment and I'm not sure how they will react when I tell them. If you have had had not problems through your bank then I might consider switching my account.


Didy xx


Dear Didy

We're just about at the same thre place. I had surgery just one month before you and have just had my post-chemotherapy scan results. I feel so well I've booked a skiing holiday. I have had ongoing travel insurance through the same bank account and as you know we're not required to let them know in advance that we're travelling. I've had about 5 holidays since my diagnosis of cancer. I don't see I need to let them know about any health-related problem unless that problem is likely to increase my chance of having to make a claim.

If I do have a skiing accident I'm not going to tell the hospital dealing with the problem that I have cancer as I'm not currently receiving any treatment they would need to know about. I take the view that this disease isn't likely to increase the likelihood of accidents, theft, loss of property or cancellation of flights.

I wouldn't be reckless enough to travel abroad if I felt there was a cancer-related problem likely to occur and if something does crop up which is related to cancer I would pay for the return flight back to the UK and wouldn't expect my travel insurance to reimburse me.

If I were you I'd look at the cost of altlernative/additional travel iinsurance policies before going back to Barclays to tell all to them. If I had to relinquish my travel insurance I'd have to change to another Bank as I pay £14 a month for this facility and it wouldn't be worth continuing with the account if this was withdrawn.

It would be worth finding someone who is about to open one of these accounts and ask if they would ask the quesion as part of a general enquiry. If I do find such a person I'll post the information on this web-site.

I wish you all the luck with your scan results. We were lucky this time, and I wish you a happy and relaxing holiday. You derserve it!

love Annie xx


Hi Marianna

I actually find Sainsbury's to be very helpful when it comes to travel insurance. My aunt who had breast cancer 11 years ago recommended them to me.

The first time I went away following treatment the premium was quite high but affordable. Last year when it came to renewal time they included cover for OVCA for around £20 or £30 - I can't remember the exact figure but it was very low.

I would add that I have been NED/remission/out of treatment for two years now and am in my 40s. My understanding is that Sainsbury's seem to take this factor into account which may be of benefit to you given that you haven't had treatment for a couple of years and their is no evidence of disease. It may be helpful to give them the stage of your cancer rather than say it is terminal - I think most insurance people turn pale and run 100 miles when terminal comes into the conversation :)

I would also ask MacMillan if they have brokers/companies that can help.

Enjoy your holiday!


the really important thing is to tell your travel ins company of your condition and take out insurance for everything else ..... but you must tell them that you will not make a claim for any medical treatment needed as a direct result of your cancer . That way you are almost completely covered and there will be no increase in premium . Withoolding information could leave you non eligible if tyou want vto make a claim . If your doctor is happy for you to travel then your cancer is unlikely to give you urgent problems while you are away.It is worth paying perhaps a little more to be with a company that does not quibble too much when a claim is made ( eg John lewis , Marks and Spencer and there are others . Don't just go for the cheapest . ) I agree with previous post . Do not use the word terminal . In any case you are not yet . Whoever used that word to you ! ?


thanks I do think that just for 10 days hols i will declare it but not include my ins. As i am fine and dont anticipate it being a problem for that short time. As for the terminal bit thanks never thought of not saying that word. Does seem to strike fear in the ins companies. I was told my cancer was terminal when diagnosed on Oct 2009. As at that time they did not expect me to survive till Xmas. But Boy were they wrong. after one 6 month session of carbaplatin , they cant find it. and i feel good. And long may it last. Thanks again



I decided to do the Sainsburys' online quote. Declared my condition and it gave me the same premium price of £20 for a single trip to europe with my kids. It did exclude ovarian cancer and metestatic disease from my claim but I can't see me needing to claim for that.



thanks - like Sainsburys so will give them a call nearer the time. Just have to decide where to go now.


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