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Update and worried

Hi ladies,

I posted on here 5 months ago as was worried about my situation. Well things are still in the grey area only I know am in the situation of having to have a second laparoscopy within 5 months due to the first BSO oopherectomy seems not to have been performed properly. My first one was in January when initially my CA125 was 117 and during an ultrasound a mass was spotted and my Ovary enlarged. The operation and surgeon wasn't great he just left after without speaking to me and sent a follow up appointment for May (op was in January) Anyway after lots of chasing I was told that my histology came back clear and fine. A couple of weeks after I started going downhill again (extreme fatigue, night sweats, pelvic pain, diahhreah, weight loss) also had a Sigmoidoscopy which was fine and long story short by Mid May myCA125 was 226 which was odd and I have lost a lot of weight also my superclavicular lymph nodes left side were enlarged so I paid privately to see a doctor after being made to feel constantly like I must be a hyperchondriac as my histology was clear, and have an MRI where low and behold a right Ovary was seen!!! So I'm now going back on Tuesday for another laparoscopy and have to say terrified with very little trust. I've also had Shingles inbetween. I know it's nothing to what you ladies face daily and I don't have a diagnosis as such yet, just wasn't sure where else to go. I'm 45 and had my first Hysterectomy (left ovaries) 17 years ago due to Endometriosis but had no problems since until recently was also told that no active endo seen but quite honestly don't know what to believe anymore!

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Hi lovely,

It's a tough situation you initially go in with all the trust for these people then they wipe it out from under your feet. I would advise try to go in with an open mind as that's much more helpful also if after this appointment your not happy seek a 2nd opinion there are some doctors who are nice, I kind of think about it like going into a clothes store you can go into 1 and have a really rubbish experience then the 1 next door they're lovely. I hope it gets sorted soon xxx


I'm so sorry you have had that experience. Sounds dreadful. You must trust that you have a very capable dr and surgeon. Have them discuss everything with you. If you feel they are not on top of their game, seek another opinion. Also, ask to confirm when you will meet post op to get a detailed overview of what they found and what if any additional treatment is needed. I'm in US, but perhaps ask the ladies on the site if any had a dr in your hospital they could recommend. May give you some piece of mind.

Wishing you well.

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Hi love,you are not a hypochondriac! If you are not happy,ask for a second opinion,take someone with you to fight your corner and write down the questions you want to ask.

You don't feel well and although there may be nothing untoward, you deserve answers.

Don't know where you live in the country,but I'm sure many of the ladies will help as to where to seek better treatment.

Keep in touch,

Carole xx


Hi all thanks you so much for taking the time to reply I really appreciate your input. My surgery is tomorrow and hoping that all goes well this time and the Ovary/Non Ovary is actually removed considering I had histology stating both Ovaries removed in January! Just hoping to get some resolution and some answers as sick of feeling unwell (literally) if anybody has any recommendations in the Woking/Surrey area would be very happy, as now 5 months down the line after urgent 2 week referral and still not getting anywhere. Thanks again and sorry if I am somewhat negative I know you ladies are facing so much more, I do appreciate your help.


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