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Ca-125 41 worried sick :(


I went to the doctors last month because my menstrual cycle changed although it is still regular ive gone from heavy to light first then heavy and a dull back pain that won't go away hurts more when I have anxiet and thinking about it.

So far I've had 4 panic attacks and trips to the hospital because of this reading and bloods came back okay? Also seen the gynaecologist and that was clear no cysts or lumps? I had an ultrasound and internal scan that said I have a slight polycystic ovary on my right but no cysts but I would have to call my doctors to get results in two weeks. So now I'm on edge about the results... I know if it's bad they would have got a doctor in the scan straight away as this has happened to a couple of friends that had tumours.

I've had a lot of stress this year 3 close family deaths. I'm only 35 with two small children.

This blood test ruined my Christmas. They said that I need to retake the test in 8 weeks as I could of had a virus or infection but the hospital surely would have picked this up with other bloods as I had crp etc...

I think I now think it's higher because I have cancer somewhere else in my body :(

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I forgot to add I had a ca-125 blood test that came back 41 this is what started my anxiety and panic attacks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I am reading more about ca125 not being very reliable. Are our seeing a gyn doctor?dont be afraid t get another opinion

Ca125 can fluctuate a lot in pre-menopausal women. I was tested because mum was diagnosed. It was 31, which is quite high. I got tested again and it was 19. Stages of a cycle make a huge difference. Cancer would not be diagnosed just on CA125 - a high level would cause a dr to order a scan. It sounds like your scan has been done & I agree it is likely you'd have received a call if there was cause for concern. Any inflammatory condition (even a tummy bug) can cause raised CA125

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Hi Meboo,I'm so sorry to hear your mum has been diagnosed. Thank you so much for replying I will get another test done soon Xxx

Hi love,

they are doing all they can to find if anything is untoward and that should reassure you.So far all is good and you are having the tests and scans we have all had.

I know it is hard,but there is no reason to assume the worst and there is nothing you can do but drive yourself mad worrying and waiting for results.The CA is not that high and that could be caused by other reasons.

You have said it has ruined your Christmas,please don't let it ruin your New Year.Try and pidgeonhole it and enjoy yourself,we've all been there and know what you are going through,

Please let us know how you get on,

Best wishes,

Carole xxx

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Thank you Carole I will let you know. Thank you for replying I'm not a strong person so it's scared me to death xxxx

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It's ok, I wasn't strong,but gritted my teeth and got on with it because the alternative wasn't attractive!.Have you thought you might have sciatica? If all your checks come back clear,have it looked into,I had it when I had toddlers,it's caused by carrying them on your hip.

Please don't worry,you are being taken care of,I'm sure when all the results come back,you will feel better,

Keep in touch with us

Carole xxx

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Yes the doctor thinks i have that and i am booked in with a Chiropractor next week. My back is on and off since having my daughter (i also had a quick birth 10 mins).

I wish you all the best Carole thank you so much for your kind words it has actually cheered me up since you have all replied. xxxx

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So pleased!! Good luck and love those children xxx

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Thank you Carole xxx

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P.s please don't google,the info is out of date and scares the s..t out of you!! Xx

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I have learned the hard way Carol def wont be again. God bless you xxx

Thank you ladies. I haven't had great support at home so I'm alone and all I seem to do is google it which I know isn't good. I did have a lot of the symptoms when I had anxiety but the only symptom I have now is a back/hip/leg pain which could be unrelated to this....

This pain only came in early November it's persistent now but I also have a toddler that I carry a lot and I'm always carrying heavy stuff maybe need to ease off. Just worries me that it could be something else now.

Thank you so much for replying it does help to talk xxx

Try not to stress my cousin has a CA reading of 57 and cancer free


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Hi Lily-Anne

Never heard of it before till my doctor offered it. I wish i did not do it and just had scans and other tests done... Its turned me into a mess. I am glad your cousin is okay. Thank you for replying that has helped.

So sorry that you are so worried. Be assured that the CA125 test can be influenced by many many things, periods, colds, IBS, etc etc etc and it is not used as a stand alone test for cancer, it is just one of the many things investigated along with things such as bloating, feeling full, abdominal pain, cysts or masses showing on ultrasounds etc etc.

Tests to rule cancer out or to identify other issues such as endometriosis etc still take time and while you may find it hard while you're waiting in reality it's crazy to be worried about something you've not been told you have isn't it?! I'm sure you'd tell your friends that too.

Try to take a deep breath and know that so far nothing has shown and another blood test is a good idea. My first test was Jan 21st and I had many more tests and waiting all the way until March 1st - a lot of tests with a lot of patience needed.

Take care, the stress of your family deaths must have been hard plus I expect you've worried about your little children too. They need a calm mummy so try to find a way to cope with this waiting as that will help you and them.

All the best

Clare xx

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Hello Claire,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I have been very stressed and i was fine in October its all been quite recent all started when i spoke to the doctor about my periods changing (stress). I have not really got any of the symptoms apart from when i googled and anxiety kicked in then i was constantly on the loo and not hungry.

But if everything is okay this is a massive wake up call for me to start taking notice of symptoms....

Wish you all the best and thank you so much for taking time to reply to me. xxxx

A heavier period that normal could account for the higher CA125.

My CA125 used to go up quite dramatically around my period, to the point where it was taken off my routine monitoring because it was so unreliable.

All it shows is inflammation. That's it.

So anything that causes a bit of inflammation could send your CA125 up :)

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hello indego,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I wasn't on my period but I was due on a few days later and was having period cramps also really stressed. I thought I had a urine infection but it showed no infection?. I do worry because people on here panic if theirs is over 6? Looking online I think it depends on the individual rather than a number.

Really appreciate your advice thank you. Xxx

My surgeon told me that CA125 can be raised by lots of things, including IBS (which I have) and Endometriosis (which I also have!) which is why it isn't used for screening-individual levels vary enormously.

So try not to panic! You are lucky to have a GP who is on the ball and is getting you checked out. Don't let the fear of a disease you may not have run your life-open a bottle of fizz tonight and have a Happy New Year!

Love, Lou xxxxxxxxxx

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Thank you Luluw,

I've always thought I had endometriosis because I have all the symptoms but it's never been looked into. I also think I have ibs but just got use to it.

I'm so glad I posted this now I feel a bit stupid because everyone is worse off than me right now and going through hell.

It's most certainly changed my outlook on life! I am working tonight and I don't drink lol so orange juice for me :)

Happy new year and I wish you all the best xxxxx

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I do have an amazing doctor she calls me every day because I had panic attacks and fast tracked my scan and gynaecologist which is usually a 8 week wait xxx

I think then if your doctor calls you every day you are in good hands, You do need to stop googling and reading stuff, in fact a lot of us need to do it including myself. More than likely the cause is lifting, hopefully your chiropractor will sort it out. You can get hip tendonitis from anything that exerts you, make sure you wear runners with gel or shoes with support. Do not wear old shoes because although we tend to hold on to them because we are cosy it isnt good for pressure bearing. Indeed sketchers are now thought to cause a lot of back and hip problems and are not recommended by physios. I wish you the very best take care and mind yourself

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Hi Suzuki

So sorry for late reply I have only seen this.

You are right! My right pelvis is twisted & it has caused pain all over my back/shoulders.

My chiropractor asked if I wore uggs or pumps a lot (I do) she said I need to change them.

Gynaecologist and scans came back all clear which was a massive relief but I have to retake the blood test again in 8 weeks.

I have stopped googling and it has made me feel so much better.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Xxxxx

Glad to hear this I hope the chiropractor works for you, I am almost there with physio, all the best

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