First three monthly check up tomorrow, bag of nerves!

I am sooooo dreading it, the place I have to go to is where I was given the diagnosis, not my usual hospitals.........I know you will all understand how I am feeling. I think I am ok, get worried about soreness in my tummy at times, been like it since the surgery but it WORRIES me. Also need to talk to the surgeon about my new diagnosis of lymphedema, would like his opinion. I keep telling myself off for feeling so scared, as I am in a much better place than I was this time last year. Got myself so worked up I have just taken a diazepam, gp gave me 20 last June and have half of them left so not doing too bad! I cant remember who it is but good luck to the other lovely lady on here who is also off for her first check up tomorrow. x

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  • Hi triplets, good luck for tomorrow. I have looked at your pass history you been through so much over the year's. I feel you are a very brave lady.

    I hope you can keep it together for tomorrow. I have cancer clinic as well & will be thinking of you. Take care Cindyxx

  • Thank you! Need to go to sleep but don't want to turn my light off, it will make the morning come quicker!! x

  • Hi Triplets, hope you sleep well & feel a lot better tomorrow. Keep us up dated with your progress keeping my fingers cross for you take care Cindyxx

  • Good luck for tomorrow! Totally know how you feel. Let us know how you get on x

  • Good luck xxx

  • Good luck,sure you will be ok x

  • Good luck xxx

  • Good luck for today. xx Kathy xx

  • Good luck today with your surgeon!

  • Thank you ladies, my mind distracted by the awful event in Manchester. x

  • Just woken up to that. Truly shocking.

  • My home city, there are some scumbags out there 😔❤️Jane

  • Yes it throws a whole new light on things,all those young lifes lost. Wishing you well for today xx

  • Good luck for today . Hope you got some sleep.

    Totally understand how you are feeling . Going for bloods today myself and seeing oncologist on Thursday re having Avastin next Tuesday and have started to get the wobbles ! Especially as I missed my last treatment due to eye problems that led me to having a brain MRI . Convinced my CA125 will have risen!

    Let's keep the faith and take a deep breath and it will soon be over . Am sure we will both be fine . Hope you have planned a treat for later .👍💜 love Kim X

  • Just seen the horrific news . So sad and heart goes out to anyone affected and their families . You said it Cropcrop total scumbags . Kim X

  • Hi I know exactly how you feel. I finished 2nd line chemo in March this year. Had a scan yesterday and will have my first check up tomorrow. Really anxious- more than I was first time round. Good luck for today xx

  • Hi lovely, I think we all know how you are feeling, it's so scary going for check ups. Good luck for today sending you big hugs and lots of love ❤️Xx Jane

  • Good luck! I know check ups are sooo stressful xx

  • Hi Just would like to say all the best for to morrow,,Lorraine xx 😊😊😊

  • Good luck hunny xxx

  • Hi, I would just like to say I wish you well with your checkup & I will be thinking of you. You have certainly had a lot on your plate one way or another,so surely there msut be luck coming your way.

    Love Caleda xxx

  • Good luck and hope all went well.. my first one after 3 months is in 3 weeks... already on the dreadmill 😬😬😬 Love Michelle xx

  • Oh good luck love,we all feel the same,I actually would like to be left alone now,but know I cant😪

    The worrying never amounts to anything and if it does we are all troupers and can deal with it.

    How is hubby?I am the lady who's other half has the same condition,

    Best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • Hi Carole........he is struggling on. He recently had his blood result for his cancer and that came back good. The Parkinsons is a different matter, he is slowing down quite a lot and his speech is getting so low I can hardly hear him at times. Hope your husband is keeping well. x

  • It's sad isn't it? My husband is ok,but his memory is terrible,he is still doing everything and I don't wrap him in cotton wool because I don't think it helps.His conversation is ok,but at times I feel very alone even when he is here,since he goes off in his own world.

    Glad your husbands bloods are ok,it is hard for us,but we have no option but to soldier on.

    Lots of love to you,if you feel down and want a chat you can always p.m. me,

    Carole xx

  • Never made it to my 3 months check came back before with pain under my right rib xx

  • Hi triplet, I hope everything went well for you today. Xxx

  • Hope everything went ok today xxx

  • Good Luck Triplets. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you x

  • Hi ladies sorry I am so late its been quite a day. Just spent the evening at a friends to have a glass or two to calm me down! Well, it was all going well until I told him about the lymphedema in my leg. He asked how long it had been going on, so told him it just started out of the blue on the 10th March and that last week I was seen at the lymphedema clinic and gave him their report. He said he finds it strange it suddenly happened, looked at his pathology report and told me where he had taken lymphs from and how many. He then said there is the tiniest chance it could be caused by recurring disease...........panic buttons. I told him also about the sore tummy I get and he then gave me a thorough examination inside and out! He said he can feel nothing, all feels perfect so doesn't want me to worry (joke) but as a precaution he wants me to have an mri. He said he is not worried. I then had to go for a blood test to check my kidney function and he will also check my CA. Two nurses and two attempts later and no blood. I came out absolutely mentally exhausted and scared. My husband said I am being silly, he was very reassuring and he is just being cautious...........yes I know....... but I wanted to walk out today and shout hooray that's me free for three months! He gave me the name of a therapist who used to work at the hospital but now works privately giving lymphatic drain massage. He said if it was his wife he would send her. He said it does work, will greatly ease the symptoms and may cure it. So a mixed bag..........just feel as though I am forever being made to jump the next hurdle. But told myself I have long enough legs to do it! xx

  • I can understand how you feel. A chance remark regarding your lymphedema and I expect you were taken aback by his comments and actions. However they are all good actions and checks to have done.

    I had NO lymph nodes taken during surgery and that's one thing I don't have! Hopefully you can arrange the drain massage xx

    Not good that it was traumatic re the blood. Did they manage in the end?

    You may find a GP appointment easier?

    MRI is a good idea but it will bring nerves until you get the results.

    Hoping that all is good and you can find relief from the massage

    Thinking of you

    Clare xx

  • Good morning dearest Clare, you always put it so well, that is exactly how I felt "taken aback by his comments"! I never thought for one minute that there might be a connection between the two things, just thought it was because lymphs had been removed. I should really be thankful that I am getting another scan which should give me total peace of mind. I have contacted the lady about the massage and am waiting to hear from her. I went to my friends last night and could hardly get my shoe on to walk home, usually I am on my sofa all night with my leg up! How are you feeling, I do hope so much better now, what a rough time you have had. Enjoy the sunshine today, its lovely here in Deal. I am visiting a dear friend this morning who lost her son on the 22nd April, Ben was 35 and was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the bile duct just after Christmas. She was at my sons funeral and I at hers. Life is very cruel at times. Take care lovely lady. xx

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