First check up next Monday

Well, I've finally got back to the check ups! It's my 6(ish) week check up on Monday, it feels like forever since the chemo started this time! The onc was talking about trying me on tamoxifen, so fingers crossed it works & all goes smoothy!

I've been effectively dancing the light fantastic since the 4week marker....finally got to see The Hobbit on Saturday(I took my daughter) and we all went out for a meal in the's great not having to remember what foods to avoid, so a medium steak with blue cheese sauce it was! I met a friend for coffee, and didn't worry that she has had a cold....isn't normality wonderful! Now all I have to do is remember all the other things I planned as post chemo treats!



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  • Hi Chris!

    I know just what you mean when you say 'Isn't normality wonderful!' I think so many of us feel this way. May you carry on feeling normal and have many, many treats to look forward to.

    All the very best

    Love Wendy xx

  • You sound so ebullient, it's wonderful! Am not quite there yet myself but lovely to see... Here's to normality - a week or so in I am relishing the return of red wine to my life ;) so I know exactly what you mean re that meal out! May everything stay normal for you for the foreseeable future...


    Sue xxx

  • Thanks to both of you, and may we all have really a long time normal!



  • Dear Chris

    I loved reading your no nonsense blog getting on and enjoying every moment whilst you're not having treatment. Having said that I wasn't told to avoid anything when I was on chemotherapy so just ate and drank whatever I wanted - including a glass of wine. My oncologist in Wales certainly didn't mention that was out of bounds.

    Do I read it from your profile and the post above that you're looking at continuing with Tamoxifen in the near future? If that's so it might be worth checking with your oncologist whether you need to restrict what you eat or where you go so you can continue to enjoy your steak and blue cheese and a nice glass of wine.

    I'll join you in the light-fantastic club. It's great to feel well and not worry about anything. I'd say you have a fantastic constitution and long may this continue.

    Love Annie xxxx

  • Hi Chris

    So glad you're getting back to normal. Normal is wonderful. I didn't have any restrictions imposed on me regarding food and drink when I was having treatment - my consultant said it was fine to drink alcohol - I just didn't feel like it most of the time. It may have been my body telling me something. I certainly enjoyed everything when my appeitite and thirst recovered.

    Here's a toast to "normal". Carry on with the treats.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi

    I've not started tamoxifen at all yet, so it's very much keeping fingers crossed! I was told to eat as though I was pregnant....which is adding insult to injury! I only had to avoid alcohol while on the anti sickness tablets, so I made sure I was off them in time for Christmas! I don't drink much normally, so when I couldn't have any wasn't any hardship, just another thing to look forward to! I'm trying to build my stamina up now, managed to walk nearly a mile and a half this morning, so my next treat will be taking my gym membership off hold, and starting swimming again! I was under instructions not to do too much, probably due to the fluid on my lungs, so I'm hoping the onc will approve the gym again! Also planning holidays some brochures on the way! Loads of treats!

    Love Chris

  • isn't it strange how everyone gets different advice, I asumed it was standard across the country. I was told no take aways, no alcohol, make sure eggs are cooked thoroughly and meat and poultry well done.

    Sounds great Chris, you can't beat planning for a holiday to make you feel good.

    LA xx

  • Glad you are I a great place and have posted such an uplifting blog, I like LA was told to avoid take always, pâté, soft and blue cheeses, salad bars in pubs and supermarkets, undercooked meats and alcohol 48 hours post chemo. Then I read in the outpatients dept that this applied when neutapaenic which I suppose we all are to one degree or another when on chemo and all the Above are risky in that state. Having said that I have had a couple of take ways but avoided rice as it needs careful handling if reheated and all foods should be reheated only once and then to higher temperature than when first cooked. Living with a chef I am lucky to have lots of advice on hand :-).

    Hugs Amanda x

  • hi Chris,

    congrats on returning to normal.......whatever normal is. whats it like to be on the other side of it all. I am almost there last chemo on thurs. Cant wait to be able to go to the cinema and out for meals without worrying about catching anything. Even starting to think about going back to work.

    Enjoy your freedom and eat all the foods youve missed over the last few months.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Chris, glad you are feeling good........ We had started thinking about what to do if I to a break, but booked a few things for the next couple of weeks anyway as it is o 6 next week, and lo and behold, after booking Thursday I get a cold Friday....

    Hoping to see you at the group if I'm ok after chemo, otherwise we must meet for coffee somewhere.

    Love n hugs


  • Sounds great! Fingers crossed for you, I'm definitely up for he coffee if you can't go...

    Love Chris

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