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Hi peeps

Saw my oncologist today. Ct scan requested as lymph node in groin bigger. I kept being told by GP it was a hernia...... Also just diagnosed with Fibrosis of the lung waiting to hear back re recent tests for that. So needle biopsy probably in groin .So more waiting . I have felt unwell for sometime so just glad to be followed up. Off on holiday Sunday for two weeks to celebrate 45 years of marriage. Finally managed to get insurance. So going anyway. Felt teary after consultation but what can you do but get on with it. Pain killers medicines packed. It always seems to be tough this time of the year so holiday will be fab. So appreciate having somewhere to have a spill out thanks who ever takes the trouble to read Dee

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  • Have a lovely holiday Dee...try to forget about it for a bit and have some down time xx Lyndall

  • Thank you down time is good

  • Have a lovely holiday far away from any "nasty" stuff. It sounds like it is just what you need and you will come back ready for anything!

    Love Juliax

    PS out of curiosity who did you manage to get your insurance with?

  • Thank you Julia

    Insurance is with 'insure with' they are on line but I did it over the phone. Takes ages but they were very nice


  • Enjoy your holiday, and I hope you get some answers soon after you get back.

  • Thanks do much Dee

  • Dee, worrying time for you however at this stage it's all about taking things seriously and investigating little niggles etc which is really all about putting you first. I hope you can manage to put this behind you at least while you're away, you know it won't change anything!

    45 years of marriage is wonderful, many many congratulations and every happiness to you both. Hope you're going somewhere you can relax and really have a great time.

    Take care and cuddle your hubby !

    Clare xx

  • thank you I have just finished the packing. you are so right worrying wont change anything. All the best to you


  • Enjoy xxx

  • Enjoy your holiday away from medical worries. 45 years is certainly something to celebrate!

  • thank you x

  • Hope you have a really lovely time away. Things like that can influence how your body works so it may be a benefit as well. You may be able to cope with things better after a good break too. Hope so.

    All the best


  • thank you all the best to you Dee

  • Have a lovely time and Happy anniversary! Xx

  • thank you

  • Hope you have a super holiday. X

  • HiDee,

    Stick th C word on the back burner and have a fabulous time

    Carole xxx

  • thank you I will do my best


  • Hi Dee

    I hope you have a really relaxing holiday and manage to put those worries on the back burner for a while. I know it's not easy but you deserve it so much. Take care


  • thank you all the best to you

  • HI D, a holiday is good to nourish the soul, I am just back from having spent a week in Malaga. I enjoyed the walking and the sun and the heat. My gp told me I wouldnt be able for much as having hip tendonitis and a vertebrae fracture but we did a fair amount of walking. Home today and I am wrecked and wondering how much ironing can I do. Yes I took painkillers, immodium, and blood pressure tablets with me. If you have felt unwell, then it was good to get answers. So pack your bags and off you go and dont think about doctors or hospitals for the next two weeks. Congrats on your anniversary, best wishes to you and your husband.

  • Thank you so much for that encouragement. Glad you enjoyed your time away.


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