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Port flush tomorrow and check platelets

Hi Ladies going to have my post flush and see if my platelet have recovered from 49.

My oncologist has given me January off chemo then back on 5th February, this is so I can go in for some major dental work it seems that 3 years on chemo has done some damage to the bone and some of my teeth are now lose and also fillings I've had for years have fallen out.

It looks like the dentist can not save the loose ones my platelets need to be at least 100 before he can do the work.

I only have a small window of opportunity to do this before I need to go back on chemo, I must admit I'm scared about the whole dental work but it needs to be done as I find it very hard to eat and it's been painful.

Has anyone else had problems with teeth while on chemo?

I need to give myself a good kick and see the new year in with a big smile hopefully not teeth less.... Cheers every one take care Lorraine xx

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Al the best for 2018 Lorraine and good luck with the dental work... stay strong.


Hi Lorraine ...

My dentist recommended Duraphat. It’s a toothpaste with extra fluoride in it. I’m not sure if it helped or not but I did use it. I’d forgotten I had.

Hope you get things sorted soon. Xx


I'm sad to hear about your dental woes Lorraine. Pomegranite, chicken and channeling beans worked for me. Take care xxxxxNetti


Your post has made me wonder if that’s why I broke the top off of one of my bottom incisors with a cough sweet. It’s painless but sharp when my tongue catches it.

Good luck with the dental work, sounds extensive. Are you taking anything to try and bring your platelets up?


Good luck with your Dental work, Lorraine. Chemo does play havoc with them, doesn't it? I've ended up with a small plate with four teeth on it. I found myself thinking, "Is it worth having one made as it may be for just a short time?"' Then I suddenly felt very ashamed of myself. Decided to get on with it and bite the bullet - not literally!!😂 Then I was was helped to make the decision when the top tooth second from the front broke. A nut did it, not the bullet, though. Vanity took over.

Good Luck and hope 2018 is a happier year for you all round. Solange xx😊

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Hi Solange, You would not believe it I ended up in hospital Tuesday night with a viral infection I've just got home to day Friday and have not had time to call my dentist.

Like you I will need a small plate as the bone around my teeth has deteriorated,

also I felt why go to all the trouble and expense for who knows how long but no matter how long, I could not leave the house with missing teeth.

Why I was in hospital my oncologist ask if I would like to go on a new trail starting here and the USA , Uk, I have a 18 pages of information to read as soon as I have I'll post it here.

Now I will need to see about my teeth as Amanda my oncologist said the trial will start soon....Take care look arfter yourself Lorraine xx

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