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CT Scan

Hi all you lovely ladies

Have any of you been asked to just drink water an hour before your scan and no contrast at all?

Apparently this is being trialled and my friend is quite worried that she was asked as her prognosis is now palliative.

She is now concerned that something could be missed and could take weeks to rectify.

She does not come across as someone with this prognosis as she is still extremely active.

Take care all xxxxx

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Not me personally, but I know on previous posts about CT scans there was a mix of those who had a contrast drink and those who just had the IV contrast, so it seems to vary. Maybe your friend could ask her CNS to explain why the hospital are trialling it (cost saving, maybe...? 🤔)


Hi Yoshbosh, yes thats what first came in my head saving money. I know I have both a drink & something in my arm. Cindyxx


I was diagnosed in July 2013 and have only ever had plain water to drink before my CT scans. I am then given the IV contrast during the scan. This seems to be the protocol where I am treated in Somerset, so I'm sure your friend has nothing to worry about on this front. As has been previously suggested, her CNS should be able to put her at ease. Xx

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I think she just worries as she has had so many procedures

I do not know if she has a CNS as she does not have OC but I will certainly ask mine.



Yes I've had that for my few last scans. They say it doesn't make any difference to the results, so why put yet another chemical into our bodies. I had one yesterday. I still had the IV contrast, but not the one I used to get to drink.


Thank you


The last scan I had I only had water as my kidney function is so low, it didn't affect the results xx


I never have the dye and cannot drink water ..


Thank you x


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