PET CT Scan Clear!

Hi everyone.

After a year of uncertainty when a CT scan found a lump in my abdomen, I have the results of my PET CT scan which have come back clear. They have decided that 9 years post op / treatment it is scar tissue and they will just leave it be unless it causes a problem in the future. I am very relieved as although they said it was 'unlikely' to be recurrence you always fear the worst. It felt like being given back my future to be honest and now I can look forward.

I almost didn't post this because I read the posts and I know I am lucky to be where I am today but I hope that some of you will read this and realise that survivors are out there and although I take every day as a blessing and take nothing for granted, it is possible to beat this horrible disease.

Lots of love

Gilly x

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  • So happy to hear your good news. It is good to read about other people's good results it gives hope and reassurance to others 😃

  • Congratulations Gilly, that's absolutely fab news :-)

    I love to hear the good news stories, it helps to balance things especially for the newbies. We all need to know that it's not all doom and gloom and that their are ladies out their who are doing well and have beaten this vile disease.

    Hope you're going to celebrate in style, I shall raise a glass to you this evening :-)

    Best wishes


  • Glad you did post your fab news.... Congratulations a celebration is in order 🎂🎂🍸🍸🍸🍸

  • Hi Gilly

    What a relief for you, I know how you feel as the fear of a recurrence never leaves you. I am coming up to 5years post op and hope to get the all clear next month, but it's difficult to ever forget what we have been through and how lucky we have been unlike so many ladies we have lost on this site.

    May you have many years of happiness enjoy every day.. That's my motto..

    Lynda X🌷X

  • Absolutely brilliant news! It's always good to hear good news and that there is hope for all of us! xx

  • Very pleased to read your lovely news Gilly..well done ! Xx


  • Brilliant news!! So pleased to hear it.

  • I am really happy for your great news, yes it is possible to have good stories and these cheer us up no end. All the best and keep in touch

  • Happy for you and glad you posted! I truly love to hear good news! It strengthens us all I feel xx

  • Thanks for your good wishes everyone.... I cried when the Consultant told me.. I was so relieved. I said to her "I played my game".. it is silly really but for a year of treatment and 5 years of checkups and scans etc. I used to sit in the hospital and look around me. If there was a wonky tile I would say in my head "Because that tile is wonky I will be OK".. a mark on a wall "because of the mark on the wall I will be OK".. People probably thought why is she looking at my odd socks like that LOL. The Consultant didn't laugh.. just said "well it worked this time".. I bet she has heard all sorts.. x

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