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Reaction after ct scan

Hi ladies,

Has any one had a reaction after a CT scan, I had a scan about 3 weeks ago this was not my first I've had 4 before over the 3 years,

I had the scan then when it was finished walk to car and right away I could not move my neck, on the drive home the pain in my neck and shoulder was bad, When I got home my husband rang ambulance , it took the ambulance about hour by the time they arrived it was a bit better, so we thought it could be a muscle spasm.

I've had 4 massages and it is it is a bit better but still stiff.

My daughter said she had find information this can be a reaction To the CT scan, would like to know so I'll have this information before the next one.

So I turn to you ladies'

Thank you as usual and best wishes to all

Lorraine xx

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Hi Lorraine, am I correct in assuming you had the contrast by way of injection? I had a reaction and now can no longer have the contrast, though my reaction included a full body rash, my skin felt like it was on fire and my whole body felt 'odd'. I would definitely mention this before having another CT . Kathy xx


Hi Katma,

Thank you for your reply yes it was by injection I had it in my post this time and it was that side that I had the pain.

If you can't have the contrast can you still have a CT scan?

It was strange that it happen just as I left the hospital, a couple months ago I fell down the stairs because my toe nails had started to fall of because of the Caelyx so I wear flip flop shoes, and would you know it damage the mussel in my left shoulder, to fix it is a operation which I don't wont, so I used my right arm far too much that's why I thought it was a mussel problem, until my daughter said it could be a reaction,

I will mention it to my oncologist next time.

I also had a knee replacement in a cancer break last year, so now sometime when I'm asked how are you, I reply great other then a dummy knee and a dummy arm and cancer, toe nails fallen off, no hair I'm great.

Sorry about my ramblings, but I'm still fighting so that's all that matters.

Cheers Lorraine xxx


Hi Lorraine, I know what you mean about when people ask..... All we can do is fight on. I heard today about a former male colleague who dropped down dead last night whilst playing footy, aged 48, two young children under 9 . Makes you think when you hear something like that.... at least we are still here, still fighting and given the chance to fight. Excuse my ramblings......

With regard to the CT scans, yes I can still have them I just have to have a barium meal instead of the contrast. Big hug. Kathy xx

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Hi Lorraine. I'm no medic but I'm wondering if you pulled a muscle at a time when you were tense and stressed after the scan, hence the conjunction in timings.... especially as it seems to have gone down. Ive had really sore neck and shoulder muscles and my massage lady reckons it's stress and tension ( even tho I'm not aware of feeling tense most of the time) . Just an idea.

All the best, Netti x


Hi Netti,

Ti's a good idea as it could well be a muscle I always seem to be stress lately ,I had a blood test just before and she had 3 attempts before she managed to take the blood by this time I'm really stress, it was my daughter who made the suggestion it could be reaction.

She is my full glass daughter always takes me down for my chemo and so she can keep informed.

I have a good massage lady also one my treats

All my best wishes to you also Netti.

Cheers Lorraine. xxx

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Oh! Thanks Lorraine I think you might just have solved the mystery of my neck pain..it came on after a scan! Hadn't connected the two until you shared your story. I don't know if it was a reaction but I was certainly stressed. Hope yours is on the mend? Mine still around despite physio exercises. L xx


Hi Lyndy,

Yes I'm not sure about the course, it is on the mend but it,s been 3 weeks.

We will have to talk this over with our onc team before the next one.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Lorraine xx


I don't think it could be the contrast drink, as everyone here is suggesting it could be combo of stress and odd movements, though you do have a lot going on in your poor old body! I have the 'milky' drink version now as CT scans seem to be ordered for me every couple of months at the mo! The clear one gave me bad diarrhoea and this version is supposed to be kinder to the system, though I do feel odd for a day or so. Even the lying on the CT bed, arms over head, BREATHE In is enough to knock your normal body movements about.

After a scan everyone has to sit and wait 15 mins for the cannula to be removed and you are given a long list of both common and rarer side effects that might occur. They give you a tel no as well to ring if anything untoward happens when you get home

( this is Christies...do other hospitals do this as a matter of course?) . DEFINITELY Discuss next time you go.....

meanwhile deep breathing, gentle stretches, head space meditation. Janet x 🌈


Hi Janet,

Thank you for your reply.

I don't seem to have any problem with the contrast drink and the rest is given by my port. Yes could be the stress I have lots of that going on . I'm in Australia I have no problems with the treatment I've been given, but with the scan, they do not follow Christies course that well.

Thank you again, I know I have to take control of my stress levels.

best wishes Janet

Lorraine xx


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