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Result of ct scan

Well I asked to get my results before my son went back to USA. My nurse managed to get them just a week after the scan(!), and nobody could believe that the cancers have not spread, and indeed shrunk, after the 4 sessions of treatment I have had. The onc still says that as I have an ascities build up again (drained 2weeks ago) and my count has not gone down that the chemo is not working , so it will be back to displaying if the royal mars den has not got anything for me. Good news for my son to go back with....... Not spread to my bowel as suspected, and still contained in the abdominal cavity.......

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Hi Viv,

Such good news that the cancer has not spread...not out of the woods yet though ...sending you best wishes for the right treatment love x G x :-)



That is very good news! I don't quite understand the conclusion that the treatment wasn't working - the tumours have shrunk- but you must be so relieved, as must your family.

Very best wishes,



Hi Viv, so nice to hear some good news for a change hope you feel well. Good news always makes us feel better Love and hugs Babs x x


Hi Viv, Lovely to hear you've had good news to give your family.

Good luck for RM finding you some good treatment.

Best wishes

Angie x


hi viv

i am pleased that ur son has gone back to the us wid some good news...i hope and pray u keep on kgetting good news

luv shenx


Such good news Viv! No spread and some shrinkage is good! Have they said It might be operable? My last tumour did not respond to the chemo but was operable and they removed it last December!

Sending you positive vibes for further shrinkage!



Never suggested another op, I think there are too many small nodules to worry about, as well as the main one. After 3 years on treatment it's probably too late for that now!!!



It is indeed good news, but I'm a bit puzzled as to why the ascites continues to build even though the tumours have shrunk nor spread. Also, if your Ca 125 hasn't gone down - did it in fact go up, or just stay the same? Anyway, do hope you get solutions from the Royal Marsden because it must be a nuisance to have to be drained so frequently.

Thinking of you as you face yet more decisions.

Take care ...



Hi sandy, I think the onc was a bit puzzled as well, my ca 125 has always proved right in the past. It has gone up slightly from when I started this round of chemo, which is why he won't finish the course. It does show that I am still responsive to chemo apparently. He has 10 days to decide what to do before I see him again.

Cisplatin if the marsden hasn't got anything.


Hi Viv, so pleased to hear some good news, hopefully more will follow xxx


Hi Viv some good news from all this for you at last . I hope this continues for you . A blessing no spread and all contained . I too wonder why they say it is not working if the tumours are shrinking

wishing you all best wishes



Hi Viv!

I had mcispplatin last time but my tumour did not respond to it! Ca125 just wobbled around the 200 mark. Hope it works for you!


Hi Viv

So pleased to hear your good news, and that you got it before your son went back. Keep fighting there!

Love Linda xx


Hi Viv

That sounds like very good news- does not seem to make sense that the onc says the chemo isn't working. I hope the Marsden does have something to say about all of this.

Love and prayers



Omg I am so pleased its not spread!!! Xxx lets hope it just stays put and keeps shrinking ;)


Dear Viv

So pleased to hear that the cancer is in check. Enjoy the day.

Your blogs always give me hope.

Just been away caravanning and whenever i see a mobile home I think of you!

Lots of love



Glad you've had some good news, Greybadger - still contained in abdominal cavity so no spread and, also - shrinkage. I hope they do find something else to try for you. It's often difficult to understand the reasoning of our Oncologists - my Carbo Taxol from December 2006 seemed to do a good job 'til September 2010, but no treatment given. Then in June 2011 more tumours in abdomen, and also then in my Lymphatic System, neck and back. Still told no treatment. Surely if I'd had some chemo in September 2010 it would have helped ..........

Anyway, enough of me. I hope you had a happy time with your family. Good Luck for the future. Keep your chin up, Solange


Great news to get just before your son goes back. Long may you continue to get positive results!

Love Liz X


You must be feeling really relieved Grey Badger. Whew!

Good news for your son to be going home with too.

Take care

Eleni x


Hi there Viv ...

Catching up on posts ...

Really pleased that to hear you have some postitive news xx and I am sure your sons visit has given you a wonderful lift .

Stay strong xxx

Love Jan xxx


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