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Hi everyone ... bein to see oncologist today after my ca125 went up to 900 from 700 not seen my oncologist for 8 wks.. and told will be starting more chemo 24th to blast lymn nodes in pelvis.. will be having caeylx any tips as heard this chemo can be abit tough but ive done carbo/taxol and gemzar in past now have to go through it again all fun lol... did anyone lose there hair asked oncologist she said i would and would recommend refer for wig said already had one.. thanks for your input.. sending u all hugs xxx

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  • Hi Tracey I have been thinking about you all day sorry to hear you have to have more chemo I have my scan tomorrow and have a ca125 of 900 so I'm sure I will be joining you again! Didn't know you lost your hair with caelyx mine is only just start to re grow not taken my wigs off yet oh well I suppose that's only a small thing in the grand scheme of things! I hope you are not to down? This is the one that's gonna kick the beast up the **** once and for all!! Sending you big hugs zx

  • Hi Tracex, I was told I wouldn't lose my hair with Ceaylx it's only been a week & have lost quite a bit so far. The biggest symptom is bowel problems I can't leave my home because I need to be next to the loo day & night. They do say everyone is different so you might not have that problem.

    My sister has come over from Spain to spend time with me but no way do I want anyone around me its very embarrassing!!!

    I hope you don't have any bad side effects on this chemo. Good luck take care Cindyxx

  • Hi, Really sorry to hear you need morechemo , I started Carboplatin and care,Lys in April just coming to the end of the 4th week have my second lot next tues. Dud have nausea for first week but very few bowel problems. I haven,t lost any of my hair so must be thankful, did develop a chest infection and had to be put on antibiotics. But went up to Wales to stay with dear friends last week and had a great time and allocating for my 89 year oldMum so the side effects were mainly in the first 10 days. Hope thinks him well for you and you have very few side effects, Cheers Chris

  • Sorry about typing errors I started Carly and I am caring for my Mum hope that makes more sense. Chris

  • I had 3 cycles of caelyx before it was discontinued (not working for me) and didn't lose any hair. I'm sure I was told not to expect to. I hope it works for you. Di

  • Hi Tracey, sorry yo hear you have to start chemo again. I've never had Caelyx so can't offer advice but I'm sure others will do. Hope it works for you. Ann xo

  • I didn't lose my hair with calyx. Lost it completely with carbo/taxol and it thinned with carbo/gem. Still got the wig in the cupboard for next round.


  • Hi sorry to hear you are starting chemo again, I had Caelyx and was told that my hair would go very thin, which it did but didn't loose it, I found the nausea hard to deal with, my onc was fab though and changed anti sickness a few times to make me more comfortable. Wishing you all the best



  • I didn't lose any hair on caelyx. I didn't feel too bad on it either. I was on it from July and went to two family cottage weekends and a golden wedding in Cork. Being 4 weekly makes it easier.I took ice for my hands to reduce the flaking and redness. I held it while the infusion was going in. But I couldn't knit for a few months, and the weeds had the garden to themselves for a while.

  • Hi Tracex,

    I just had my 2nd Caeylx yesterday, after having 5 carbo/taxol which failed me.

    My first treatment went very well, perhaps because it had been 8 weeks since I'd had carbo/taxol and it was finally out of my system. I was in pretty rough shape after #4 & #5 carbo/taxol.

    I had a couple of days of a wobbly stomach, only took anti-nausea pill once. Didn't​ stop me from eating.

    Iced feet and hands during treatment. Kept hands and feet moisturized.

    Appetite came back, taste buds came back, getting more energy. I continue to deal with constipation which I had with first line. Since I'm eating and drinking better, it's eaaier.

    Dr. said women don't usually lose hair and mine is growing well, eyelashes, eyebrows all good. Actually had to shave armpits and will have to do legs (didn't miss that!).

    Dr. also said that most people don't usually have skin issues with first treatment, and I didn't.

    So round one down and feeling good so far!

    Wishing you an easy go of it!

    Big hugs!

  • Thank you all for your comments.. i no we ladies can tolerate anything now.. chemo as to throw at us.... were all so strong and brave on here... gem/carbo didnt work for me ad 6 cycles 2 reactions.. and was deflatted at end as bloods went up instead down finger's crossed for this one..sending u all hugs xxx

  • Hi ihavent had that chemo but if theres chance I would recommend the cold cap it worked for me sending you love xxx

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