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More chemo?

Hello ladies. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3c/4 OC in March. She completed 3 cycles of chemo followed by surgery and now on 5th cycle of chemo. Her surgery was in July. She had her CA125 tested at the begging of 4th cycle which was 85 and just before the start of 5th cycle it is 97.5. Since its beggining to rise her oncologist recommends she has 2 additional chemo cycles. Has anyone had a similar experience before?

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The operation itself could explain a rise in CA125, due to inflammation etc, and it is only a small increase.

In the UK it's usual to have a course of 6 chemos, but I have come across other ladies , particularly in the USA and Australia having more.

I'm sure your mom's oncologist is taking the best plan of action for her, and we are all individuals xx

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I have just been told today I am to have 2 extra sessions. I wrote a post so won't bore u with the details here. Try and see it as positive though. If any little buggers are lurking it will surely kill them. Im hoping for a longer remission as my reward.

Try not to worry, it will soon be over. Easier said than done, I know.



Thank you Mandy. It really does put my mind to rest. After all the end goal is to be disease free! I will try finding your post. Good luck to you too. I know the feeling when you anticipate the end to be near and then it all changes. Xx


I had eight cycles of chemo instead of the usual six. I was switched to weekly paclitaxol and three weekly carboplatin with avastin as the cancer was proving hard to shift and there is some evidence that weekly chemo works better and avastin has some efficacy.

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Thank you for your response. My mom has a similar pattern.


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