Hi all I rang the Drs earlier to be told tests came back normal - no further action. I'm shocked to say the least. Happy of course, but still have all the symptoms as I have had over the last 3 weeks. My dr isn't in today and I can't get an appointment until 18th May so I'm thinking of ring tomorrow when she's back and asking for an emergency appointment. I rarely use their services and probably in their eyes I'm not an emergency but I'm feeling so out of sorts and my stomach is so full and uncomfortable. Hopefully if I can get to see my dr she can at least explain the blood tests a little more. If you remember, I only spoke to her over the phone last week when she booked me in with the nurse for a blood test so hasn't actually examined me. Do you think I'm right to follow it up? Thanks ladies.

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  • Hello..if you are feeling ill you are an emergency...great that tests were negative but now you need to know what next xx

  • Hi, its good news that the blood tests are normal. I would definitely follow-up, as you say it would be best to speak more fully with your GP and also to arrange for an examination. From your previous post, you are very self-aware and any significant changes which are different from your 'normal' are best addressed fully!

    Dont worry about using the emergency appointments- you will likely be triaged over the phone and it seems that a 17day wait isn't appropriate.

    If you haven't already do write down exactly what symptoms you're experiencing as well as the frequency as this helps the GP a great deal. Ovacome have a really good symptom tracker and TOC have an app either of which may be helpful.

    Very Best wishes, Sxx

  • Hey Vanessa,

    I was 45 when I was diagnosed and my CA125 which is probably the result you received today, was always within normal range. I am not trying to frighten you but the CA125 should really only be used in conjunction with all of the other tests available and not as a stand alone as some have false positives and some have false negatives (like me). I was just asked to provide a quote for a press release for World OC Day which is on the 8th May and this is the quote I provided......I think it might help.....

    "I was very lucky, my cancer was diagnosed at Stage 1 and I believe that was down to two things, my own instinct and my GP who was willing to believe that it was serious the first time I mentioned it to him. I had very few symptoms but in hindsight I knew there was something wrong. I urge all women to listen to their bodies; don’t put unusual aches and pains down to stress or everyday life, if they are unusual and you feel unsettled about them then make sure someone listens to you. I listened to my body, my GP listened to me and I am now a very grateful survivor of Ovarian Cancer".

    I can tell from your post that you are unsettled about this and because of that I would urge you to follow it up. Most women with your symptoms wont be diagnosed with OC but for your own peace of mind more than anything else let your GP know what you are afraid of and insist on getting the tests that are needed to rule it out!

    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Again I really hope I am not frightening you as most people wont be diagnosed with OC but its better to be sure I think!!!


  • Great quote D- completely agree and relate to that! Sx

  • Hi D, I agree with everything you have said & the fact your GP listened to you & caught your oc at grade 1is brilliant.

    It took 5 years to find mine after hundreds of visit to my GP who was was dreadful but that doesn't mean we can't change things & fight for are own health.

    It puts the biggest smile on my face when I read the part of your blog ( I am now a survivor of ovarian cancer ) That is a very strong statement that resonates well with all of us on here. Take care Cindyxx

  • Brilliant quote for the paper. Well done. Ann xx

  • Hi D

    I just want to say well done on a great message . It is very powerful and I hope many women read it. There is something really special about you and your story . I actually believe that survivors like you are one of the keys to unmasking this vile disease at an early stage. You had the determination to pursue it and a GP who listened . I try very hard not to look back in anger at a previous lady GP who dismissed my symptoms as IBS and anxiety ! I hope that your story and other stage 1 women are studied more closely by GP s and oncologists looking for the answers to early diagnosis . Unfortunately I can't attend any of the events for World OC day as it all entails traveling distances that's not possible for me then. Which newspaper will your message be in so I can read it ? Take care


  • Hey Molly!

    Not sure, Sharon asked me for a quote for a press release so don't know what will happen with it! I am doing the patient story at the lunchtime event in Dublin on Monday really want to get the early diagnosis message out there! I know it's no guarantee but at the same time there is a better chance the earlier you get diagnosed! Let me know if you are meeting up in Dub as my sis lives up there I am there often so would love to meet up as I am going to miss the coffee morning on Sat! Hope your brothers op goes well! And your own scan too! Have a fab holiday too!!!


  • Hi D

    Not sure when I finally make it to Dublin but it would be good to meet up. Holiday to Portugal is booked now for the 23may for a week . Might even make it to Fatima for a day but it's four hours on a bus ! Goingbto a resort nearer to it was twice the price

  • Hi D

    Reply went too soon when I was correcting it ! Thanks for your good wishes. Enjoy the lunchtime event and good luck with your patient story. I do recall when I saw you doing it in Cork your presentation was so polished , it would be difficult to top it . Take care


  • Hi D

    Sent you a long reply but went in the wrong place ! Took me so long to write it other replies got in before me . Move down !


  • Thank you ladies very helpful replies. I will ring tomorrow for an emergency appointment. We know our bodies and what's right and what's not and my gut instinct is that there's something not right whatever it is. Never felt like this before. Fingers crossed my dr can see me tomorrow.

  • Absolutely right to follow it up, you're still experiencing bloating and it needs checking, if nothing else for peace of mind. Don't forget that as cancer patients we can ask for same day appointments, a triage telephone call would be a good start though. Good luck with this, I hope you're feeling a lot better soon. Take lots of care, big hugs ❤️Xx Jane

  • The internet is just so vast and people tend to get symptoms then they google them, so all these diseases pop up that sound like me or you, my problem when I was in school was every disease we studied I thought I had. I've always been interested in signs and symptoms in my job that's really a key importance. It's so nice to have such a vast array of information at your fingertip though, but the internet can also be a scary place. I agree you need answers. For me I would still want a CT from neck to pelvis.

    You have my support surely..

  • Soon as I get some money I'm going to get a CT done as previous said, because although I'm educated I'm not an X-ray machine. I just have no money now after my hardship with our present insurance system blunder.

  • Yes, absolutely follow up. Symptoms are a clear sign you need further examination. OC patients have higher likelihood of bowel and lung cancer. This is a fact. So go rule that out! Tesla

  • Good luck and let us know how you get on. Ann xx

  • I think my Mum was looking down on me today :) I rang my Drs this morning and got an emergency appointment for 8.30. I was very fortunate that my dr's 8.30 appointment had cancelled just before I rang. She went through the blood tests I had. I was tested for many things, thyroid, anemia, diabetes, my liver and two tests for markers for ovarian & bowel cancer. Everything was normal. My CA125 was 16. She wanted to examine my stomach and also did an internal exam (inc back passage) sorry TMI! She can feel nothing untoward at all. She has prescribed me a different laxative and is sending me for a pelvic scan just to be sure. So all in all, I cannot complain of the service my dr has given.

  • Hi there

    I'm so happy to read now that your Ðr has gone through everything with you. I was just about to reply to your previous post to echo all the other ladies who told you to definitely investigate further. D in particular had very wise advice. Stay in touch and let us know how the scan goes . Good luck


  • Bravo...

  • Another thing it's my understanding that food allergies can bring on GI problems as well. If all checks out for the GYN, go see a GI specialist if you still have those s/s. For myself I'm still guessing since I need funds before they will see me here and ironically I'm a professional myself. I've tried to palpate my lower abdomen for any masses and with the ovaries it's hard to feel especially from the outside only, so I save my money and pray. I've also, went back to work now full time so I can obtain employment insurance. After my car wreck in 2015 a person ran a red light in a intersection and totaled my car I have been working part time and got tangled up in an crazy insurance plan, big mistake but not anything I could do. So now I'm on my own to pay out of pocket until I can get good insurance. Today my flank is killing me I feel tired and my gerd has flared and gallbladder is hurting me. My right ribs hurt probably from my GB attack.

    Good luck to you say a prayer for me.

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