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Sensitive & embarrassing issue: update

After swabs and being given clindamycin cream for treatment of what I thought was an infection; I saw my consultant last week. Thankfully it was female member of his team so I could relax a little. She examined me and told me she wanted to rule out every possibility which meant going to the gum and depending on the results if all is negative then proceed with attending the vulval clinic for biopsy. I bit the bullet and attended gum, feeling very vulnerable wondering what other people would be thinking of me. The practitioner called my name and I had to repeat my story of events. After examination and blood/urine tests I was asked to wait 15 mins for my results. When that 15 passed I was called back in and told all was negative, from their point of view they told me that my gynecologist would proceed with biopsy. Very kindly a specialist nurse spoke to me about the procedure and what it entails. I am so mortified that I was judged in such a way by my gynecologist, but on the other hand I can see she was covering her back. I'm worrying its the worst possible thing that this biopsy will detect. Vulval ca, my appointment is 16th may, they wouldn't leave me that long if they thought it was. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of biopsy too?

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Hi Sarah,

I quite understand how you feel so troubled by this referral and process, but I think the difficulty is partly one left by an outdated response our generation has to GenitoUrinary Medicine. The clinics are better called Sexual Health Clinics, and have moved on a long way from what we used to call ' clap clinics' in the 1970s. It was absolutely necessary for your gynaecologist to check for sexually transmitted problems (quite why she couldn't run the tests from gynaecology, we have to wonder).

It does seem a long wait for a biopsy if the signs are worrying the medics - so might be that they are not particularly; however, if YOU are worrying- ring them and ask for an earlier appointment in the light of your history. If you don't ask- you don't get - and being compliant and quiet doesn't often get what you need, sadly.

VERY best wishes for a good result.




It's not judgemental, they have to rule out all the possibilities and include all sorts of lifestyles! From my experience, they know what type of patient they are dealing with but have to cover all the bases. Don't worry about being judged!

It's good that they will be doing the biopsy too. Covering any possibilities!

When is your appointment? Hope it all goes well and that you can get back to planning a little treat or two for yourself and get back to thinking "what a lucky escape I've had!" They are doing all they can to rule out any possibilities of anything suspicious, from what you say, and it's a good thing for you.

Keep us posted!

Wendy xx


Thanks both of you, I feel better about things after reading your comments. It's the 16th of may I go :S I will keep u posted. Thanks again for your support xxxx


Hi Sarah

I know what you mean about the shame! My ex was always passing me thrush and NSU but, luckily, my GP arranged tests and treatment. He asked whether I had been 'wandering' though and my ex, when tackled, said that he didn't "go with women like that" as if there were such a thing! Just going to a clinic specialising in such conditions makes one feel branded, whatever they call themselves. I once heard a woman speaker at TUC conference refer to herself as "the pox doctor's clerk" it was a telling and funny speech and had the male delegates squirming but it showed the way we all feel about such clinics.

As for the vulval biopsy a friend of mine who has had uterine cancer and a hysterectomy, followed later by a vulvectomy has just been discharged as cancer free after 5 years with no further symptoms. When told she needed the vulvectomy our gynae surgeon reassured her that it was very localised.

I have had a prob with dicharge since I had post op abscesses, after my debulking surgery, one of which bust through the vagina and I still get a slight brownish pink dicharge. I have told the onc and the gynae and neither seems very concerned. Mind you I do not tend to worry about the gender of the person examining me! I practice detatchmend, try yoga relaxation and think of it as like having Dynarod in, unpleasant, embarassing but necessary. If you think having Dynarod in is not embarassing you should see the video they gave me of my drains before they cleared them! I have never put anything but paper down my Loo ever since! The Greeks don't even let you do that! I have a disposable nappyy disposal system these days to dispose of anything that might block the system, mine or the drains!

If your gynae were really worried she would have set an earlier date for the biopsy I am sure but, if you are really worried why not ring her secretary and ask if there is any chance of it being done sooner, you could try saying that you are ready to have it at short notice if they get a cancellation.

Good luck, I am thinking of you!




Thanks Margaret xxx


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