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need some advice please

I am new to this but I am hoping that someone could give me some advice. I have been having pelvic problems for a while now, and have finally managed for my gynaecologist to dix my vaginal prolapse with a partial hysterectomy, which I should be having in the next few months. The other problem I have as I have recently thought that I have a lot of symptoms of ovarian cancer, due to the recent information about it. I have been bloated for at least the last 4 months, to the point my mum actually thought I was pregnant at Christmas. Also my periods have gone haywire, either having one 2 weeks after the last one, or one lasting for about 3 weeks. I have never had issues with them, no pain on regular as clockwise. Also have a lot of pain in my pelvic region beside my hip and constant lower back pain. I also have little appetite as always feel full, and have to pee much more than usual, at least once an hour.

Finally got my gp to do something and she said she would arrange a ultrasound and took some blood tests. I was told there would be about a 8-10 week wait for the scan which didn't bother me, but literally a week after the blood tests I got a appointment for a scan, with only a 2 week wait for it, and it was classed as urgent.

Now I am really worried, but cant get a appointment with my gp to ask her advice.

Am I right to be concerned, or should I try and forget about it until I have the scan. I have a number of medical issues to worry about, and with this on top you can imagine what my head is like.

Any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. It is great to have somewhere to talk, as I don't want to worry my husband and family until I know what is going on, but keeping it to myself is not good for my mental state.

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It is quite Normal for these scans to be put forward under the 2 week fast track referral , don't worry .

Don't put off going - just go and wait for the results. It's just another test at this stage and its good that your GP is being proactive . There can be a lot of tests and even if nothing is found (which is best case isn't it?) you need the test to know !

Thinking of you

Clare xx


Hi Nikki

Sorry to hear you are so worried. If it helps any referral from your GP that could possibly be cancer should be dealt with as a two week wait...so everyone with a funny tummy will be treated this way- don't let it freak you out.

Also the reason OC is difficult to spot it that the symptoms are often similar to lots of other things- so just having symptoms doesn't tell you one way or another- it just means you need them to investigate.

Hopefully they will find nothing- or perhaps they will find something innocuous. Try not to jump ahead..no one knows anything yet.

Don't Google but by all means get some support because the waiting is horrible! xx L


Try not to worry (easier said than done) but many of the symptoms of ovarian cancer are similar to other less worrying causes, which is why it's quite hard to diagnose. It's good to have it ruled out though.

Hopefully it won't be too long before you get the results following the scan. It's the waiting for the tests and results that is hard to do.

All the best!


There are lots of different things that could be causing your problems, but good that they are taking it seriously and getting you checked out. Did your GP do a CA125 test? That's for the ovarian cancer marker. Maybe if you couldn't get to see her you could arrange a phone call to get your queries answered??


Why not speak to your GP's secretary tell them how worried you are and would like some answers. You can then arrange a phone call to speak to the doctor who requested the tests

LA xx


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