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CA125 Test - I'm 21 dr didn't tell me she was doing this test, little scared :(

Hi all,

Went to the drs last week simply because the pain of what ever is going on with me (random bleeding of old blood, not bleeding at all, pain during sex, bleeding after sex, abdominal pain and pelvis pain thats been getting worse, toilet troubles, tiredness etc...) She did a pelvic / internal exam and also pressed on my stomach which i was in agony. She said she would speed up my first gyno appointment and sent me to have some 'routine blood tests' in which when I went I saw that she also requested for me to have a ca125 blood test... But didn't say anything to what she thought was wrong or that she was going to do it. I'm 21 and am a little freaked out by it (which may be why she didn't say anything) , I don't think its the big C word but I am just scared :(

also any advice on first gyno appointments would be appreciated


Maxine xxx

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Try not to worry too much ( if thats possible) until you get the results. It sounds like your GP is on the ball and just being thorough, and hopefully it will prove to be nothing sinister. Wishing you well. Ali xx


Maxine your GP is being amazing! I know it's worrying but Doctors should (and don't always) start with the worst case scenario and work backwards so she is testing you to rule out OC so that she can find out what's really going on. The odds are very much stacked in your favour....

What you can do to help is keep a record of your symptoms to offer to the gynaecologist...they like that kind of thing!

I am so sorry you are worried and wish you all the best for a solution xxx Lyndy


Nope, its not i've gone through the whole gastro thing, this has been going on since august :( they eliminated that (even though it was never the problem) and I had a scan back in october which showed excess fluid in my pouch of douglas so I don't have a clue... Just want it to be over now :(

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Hi Lyndy, you have taken the words out of my mouth. The only thing I can add to this is I wish my GP was as brilliant as Maxine's has been. It took them 5 years to find I had oc.

Yes I would like to wish Maxine the very best as well. Taken cares Cindyxx


I'm in total agreement. Excellent GP.

Mis diagnosed with all classic symptoms for 6 months.

It will be an incredibly worrying time and I pray the results are ok and there is nothing onimous going on. All the Best x


I am glad to hear your doctor is being proactive because they are now supposed to do these tests on anyone presenting with symptoms. It may well be nothing to worry about. Most gynaes are really nice and do their best to make you feel at ease. You may have another internal but remember these gynaes do them every day several times a day. I was scared too at the thought of it but most are kind and considerate. Do not anticipate what might happen, we dont know, your doctor doesnt know but you are getting good care. Wishing you well and let us know how you are getting on


Hi lovely,

What an amazing GP! I wish my special person had your GP, she was diagnosed after 5 years I have told her to sue the drs for mainly being stupid!

As the other ladies have said please try not to worry your GP is doing what ALL GP's should do start off with the worst case scenario.



Try not to worry. At least you have a proactive dr whose is looking/checking everything. Hopefully yr dr is doing this to rule everything out and nothing sinister will be found. wishing you all the very best. Kathy xx


What an awesome doctor you have, the fact she has done the CA125 test doesn't mean you have cancer, she is just being really thorough and because you are having gynae issues she's ticking every box and, hopefully, eliminating serious issues. Try to take some comfort that you have such a forward thinking doctor and work with her to sort your health problems. I hope you get a speedy appointment with gynaecology and you feel better very soon ❤️Xx Jane

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