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Ovarian Cancer and any links to polycystic ovaries ?


Last summer my daughter had all the stress and worry of my shock stage 4 OC diagnosis so all I wanted for her this year was a stress free summer.especially as I am NED at present . But what started with a follow up appointment with the dr concerning her acne has today, after having a blood test and ultrasound resulted in her being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries . She is 20 and her periods have always been regular so was shocked . You can imagine as soon as the dr mentioned ovaries we both went into melt down . The radiographer did say she couldn't see any large cysts and I am now worried incase she missed something as it was an abdominal ultra sound and not TV. Know alittle about this from the dr and via google ! Doesn't seem clear wether you are at a greater risk of getting OC . Although can cause fertility, weight issues and links with diabetes and other cancers . Still waiting to hear if I have BRACA gene so she could end up with a double whammy !😩 After going through all this S***all you want is for your kids to be happy and healthy . Sorry to post here ladies but really got me down today .

Did any of you have PCOS before you got OC?

Hope you are all as well as can be .

Love Kim x

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I have had PCOS for 30 years before being diagnosed with OC in January but not aware they are related. Put my OC down to fertility treatments....

Hang in there my lovely


Purple-iris in reply to Chezp

Thank you you too. 😀 Hope the chemo is going ok and you are not having too many side effects . Best wishes Kim x

chrissapam in reply to Chezp

Agree with Chezp....no sign of polycystic ovaries with me but lots of fertility treatment....might be best advice to suggest your daughter has children young!! Hope you both feel better Chris x

Thanks Chris . Kx

My daughter has PCOS.x

Purple, my onc surgeon told me that OC is related to "incessant ovulation". Like when a young girl starts having periods early, has none or few children later and goes into menopause later as well, which is my history. The more you ovulate the greater the chances of OC. That is why women who have taken BC pills actually have a lower chance of getting OC because the pills stop you from ovulating. You can research your question on BioMedical Publications. Look for the newest studies. Tesla

Thanks Tesla . Will have a look at studies . Still waiting to see if I have BRACA gene, but had 2 children and an early menopause at 40 ! Kim x

Wow, you don't qualify for incessant ovulation unless you had fertility treatments! FYI to any other women who might have had fertility meds or procedures--- Currently there is NO ONE who has tracked this population long term. There is finally a study underway to track these women for the rest of their lives. BioMed Pubs is a global repository for peer reviewed research. You can get a free subscription which includes the abstract descriptions, objective and conclusions in lay terms. Very important to find the absolutely newest information. T

No didn't have any fertility treatment . Thanks for all your info . Have a good day Kim x

Neona57 in reply to Tesla_7US

This is pretty much my history as well.


Hi Kim

Currently there isn't thought to be a link between PCOS and ovarian cancer. PCOS is fairly common: around 1 in 5 women have PCOS (the syndrome with associated symptoms) and 1 in 4 women have polycystic ovaries (but not necessarily the symptoms that would class it as PCOS) and as you'll know, ovarian cancer is much rarer than this.

The Cancer Research UK page on ovarian cancer risks lists PCOS under 'Factors shown to have no effect on ovarian cancer risk' although it does state one review which showed limited evidence for a higher risk in younger women. cancerresearchuk.org/health...

Verity is the PCOS charity for the UK and they have a forum on HealthUnlocked at the following link: healthunlocked.com/verity-pcos They also have a website at the following link: verity-pcos.org.uk/ which you and your daughter might find useful.

I hope this is helpful. Do get in touch if there's anything further you need.

Best wishes


Support Service Manager

Thank you so much for this information. I will have a look at the site . Many thanks Kim

Hi Kim,

Sorry to hear about this latest shock for you and your daughter, but was going to suggest contacting Ovacome and Anna has beaten me to it! Do hope the recommended website will help put your minds at rest.

Hope you are enjoying being by the coast.


Barbara x

Thanks Barbara

Was lovely catching up with you . Hope the quiz went well . Have a great holiday.

Love Kim x

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