On 3rd biopsy attempt - is this common?

Mum diagnosed with S3 ovarian a month ago based on scan, CA125 score & exam. Biopsy booked within days to confirm but first 2 attemps at hosp inconclusive due to "unsuitable tissue". As theyve said the result will take at least a week, and today shes had her 3rd biopsy in as many weeks, this is delaying the start of her treatment. And without question adding to her anxiety. Theyve said if this 3rd attempt (with CT scan) fails theyll take biopsy via surgery. Naturally were concerned that this 4 week period with no treatment has given the mass more opportunity to grow. Anyone else had similar issues with biopsy?

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  • Hi Jaffacake. It was found inside with an internal vaginal camera. Then a couple of biopsy which was hard because they couldn't really get much of the tumour & he was pulling very hard. I had to wait for a few weeks. They told me it was 3c & I needed to a body ct scan. It was done really quickly compared to the GPS surgery that took almost 5 years very poor!!!

    I think three attempts seem a bit much but it's not easy to get a biopsy.

    I really hope this can get sorted because the stress must be hell!!!

    I don't know if you in the UK it's different in different palaces. Take care hope others can give you some useful advice. Cindyxx

  • Thank you. Yes in UK. Just finding the wait for staging very difficult.

  • Hi Jaffacake, Lilly-Anne is right having as much information as possible will help them give the correct treatment.

    The wait is the hardest part as soon as you find out please let us know. There will be other ladies on here with your mum's grade & will be able to give you a lot of reassures. Take care Cindyxx

  • Thanks, im just concerned because they hadnt told us in advance there was any possibility of any problems doing the biopsy, and they seem surprised by the difficulties theyre having in doing it. Consultant rang himself to apologise which made me think it might be unusual. 3rd one yesterday was image guided so have everything crossed that therell be a result soon. The waiting and mentally preparing herself for them calling with the result each week, then not getting one is draining her.

  • Hi there, so sorry she is becoming drained with the waiting. Let's hope you will find out soon. Take care Cindyxx

  • To target the treatment effectively they need plenty of information. I think I'd view it as a good thing as the cancer doesn't grow that quick even if it's aggressive

    Fingers crossed this biopsy is informative and the right regime is found

    LA xx

  • If thats the case then that at least is a good thing. Just trying to support her through the worry.

  • And thank you

  • I hope the most recent scan has worked. I haven't heard of 'image guided' but it sounds a good idea. I think everyone on here will agree with you about the waiting.

  • They insert the needle while doing CT scan, they said its more precise. We shall see. Thanks.

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