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Hi, quick question....has anyone had a rapid rise in CA125 levels that didnt actually signify a rapid progression of disease.

I know that it doesnt always go hand in hand, but it would be good to see that in black and white.

In the 4 months since my wifes 3rd line chemo treatment finished, her CA125 has risen 9 fold - from just over a 100 at the finish of treatment.

By the end of next week she will have had her CT scan and report/meeting with Onc, but anything anyone can 'put into the mix' would be appreciated......good, bad or indifferent.


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Hi ...I am sorry that you are having this worry it can't be easy...I can't second guess what is happening with your wife's ca125... but from what I understand her ca125 wasn't that low in the first place she could be one of those people that it isn't a good indicator...and you might need to wait for the scan results...which is very hard to do...I am sorry that I am no help but just wanted you to know we are here for you and trust you will keep us updated...meanwhile I send you my best wishes love x G x


Thanks Gwyn.....unfortunately to date the CA125 has always (for her) been a good indicator, i guess i am kinda clutching at straws in hoping this time it may not be. I think i know the answer, but dont want to accept them.


Hi ...yes I understand and we all clutch at straws.. but sometimes it works...Last year with a recurrence I had a bad prognosis little chance of going into remission and given palliative chemo to attempt to shrink the tumour with a prognosis of about a year but I am in remission I was told the tumour woudn't go, but it has...I know it s not a cure with progressive cancer but it does give more time..I wish the same for your wife I know how much it takes out of you...(It has my husband) but hang on in there...all is not and best wishes and another one to add to my ever growing prayer list maybe? x G x


Sorry I can't help you, but you could try the Ovacome helpline (08453710554). It's for families too. Good luck with finding an answer, I hope it's nothing significant

Love Wendy xx


Hi I sympathise. When I first went to my GP my CA125 was 2400. After surgery it fell to 230 and at the end of chemo was 154 and in the 12 months following chemo it fell gradually to almost a 'normal' level then it went up again so I am also waiting on the results of a CT scan, which I should get tomorrow


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