When Will there be Good News?

...with apologies to Kate Atkinson for pinching the title of her book!

CT scan this week shows that Topotecan, my 3rd line chemo has checked the disease. My good news! I will be continuing the treatment and the next scan in December. Christmas & New Year are looking good, and I will enjoy the autumn sunshine and cosy evenings with a fire before then.

Best wishes to all, Maureen

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  • What wonderful news Maureen. You've answered your own question and share your good news with us today!

    Enjoy every moment. You're an inspiration to me as I'm heading towards my third line of chemo. xxx love Annie

  • Hi Annie, interested to know new treatment as you go to the Marsden. Not watch and wait. Have you heard of the Riparib (?) Trial at all? Love Marj xx

  • Hi Marj, I'm all for 'watch and wait' as I'm in no hurry to return to treatment unless the oncy says it's right. The Ariel2 involves Rucaparib in BRCA negative women.

    The Ariel2 trial is rather exciting as it's trying to find biomarkers that will predict which women will respond to Rucaparib once chemotherapy has stopped working. Apparently PARPs are enzymes that instruct the cells to repair themselves. If the PARPs are blocked they think the tumours might not repair and grow.

    It all seems very new and leading edge and the trial will look at the benefits and side-effects of the drug, and how much Rucaparib is in the body at any one time. Makes me realise I've progressed along the treatment route to the stage where trials rather than traditional treatments are my greatest hope.

    I have a scan in 2 weeks' time and I guess someone will call me in and let me know what the MDT are considering. At the moment I'm continuing on Avastin and will have my 15th dose of 18 next week.

    I still feel well and am pretty active in various ways. I'd never have imagined getting on for four years ago that I could have had so much treatment and continue a normal active life. I hope some find that encouraging.

    xxx love Annie

  • I really find this encouraging, Annie. Very best with trials if that is the way you go.


  • Yes Annie. We do find it encouraging. Let us know you get on please. Love Marj xxx

  • Well done....celebrate! xx

  • Great news enjoy Xmas and new yearx

  • Thank you and you too.

  • Wonderful news xxx

  • Great news, hope all goes well! Enjoy xx

  • Great news! So pleased for you. Long may this continue. Ann xo #Warriors

  • Hello there. I'm about to start 3rd line chemo and they suggested Caelyx and not Topotecan. I had a partial response to Gemcitabine/Carbo/Avastin. When were you diagnosed? Lovis

  • Hi Lovis

    I was diagnosed in April 3013. I could not have surgery so had carbo/taxel. I was on the control arm of ICON8 trial. There was partial response to chemo at interim scan, still no surgery, so Avastin was added for the final 3 cycles. Again

    Partial response, no surgery but contined with avastin. Scan in December showed progression so I had radical debulking surgery in January, described as palliative. A tumour on my small bowel was not removed and there was residual <1cm deposits

    remaining in my abdominal cavity. My disease is platinum resistant because of progression within 6 months of carbo/taxel regime which I understand means it cannot be challenged again with platinum therapies. Caelyx was second line chemo for me, but disease was progressing at interim scan. So 3rd line Topotecan started, with the good news this week that the disease is stable and I will continue the treatment with another scan in December.

    Best wishes with treatment


    PS. Both therapies have been very easy on me. I had real problems with first 2 cycles of carbo/taxel

  • Hello again. Forgot to say it's great news it's working any way! Lovis x

  • So glad to hear that. Best of luck.

    Love Mary xx

  • Many thanks to all for your messages. This site is amazing and so are you. Maureen x

  • Hi Maureen, glad all the news is good, so hope you go and treat your self and look forward to a nice Xmas

  • So glad I visited the site today, so much good news! I'm really pleased for you and hope you stay well for a very long time!

    Brenda x

  • Thank you Brenda. I wish you the very same. Maureen

  • Pleased for you too. May it long continue x x

  • Pleased for you too. May it long continue x x

  • thank you all so much for such heart warming responses.


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