Hello Ladies, I'm after a bit of advice. A few years ago I had a hysterectomy but they left one ovary so that I didn't need HRT, a couple of years later the other ovary started giving me grief so it was removed however when the pathology results came back my gynaecologist was shocked that they discovered a borderline malignant cancer. Nothing had shown up on any blood tests. I had the option of an omentectomy and the wash which I opted for and no further traces found - my question is would you have expected any follow up appointments? I've been put on HRT until I'm 52 so get check ups for that but after the results came back from the omentectomy I've had nothing.

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  • Hi there and welcome ...

    I can't really answer your question but I do think you should be reviewed post op so you know what's going to happen now and to decide whether to stop your HRT. Xx.

  • Hi there Carol

    Yes I would expect follow ups. There is a Facebook closed group for ladies with a specific borderline diagnosis....do you know about it/already a member? X

  • No I didn't know about it - what's it called?

  • Hi Carol, search the group on Facebook, you will get confirmation back when they have seen your request. It's really supportive and you will find it very helpful and informative I'm sure x

  • Hi Carol

    The FB group is called borderline ovarian tumours and it's very good. Everybody has had a borderline tumour so its very helpful to join.

    I had a similar surprise finding 7 years ago. The subject of follow up is hugely controversial and bizzarely there is no standard. In the time since I was diagnosed the trend in the UK seems to be fewer formal follow up visits and more a self referral arrangement if you have any concerns. Personally I found follow up visit hugely stressful, there were lots of management issues with my case and every visit brought things back. But that's just my experience. In other countries there seems to be less follow up and in America there is alit more.

    While its a very scary diagnosis initially the prognosis is way better than fully invasive cancer.

    Very best wishes xx

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