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Big decision to make!!

Hay guys. Hope you are all doing well. I havent been on here for a while as i couldnt get use to this new site.

I have a very large incisional hernia, which i want to get sorted asap. The surgeon wont touch it until after ive had my other ovary out which is understandable. Gynae/oncology wanted me to wait 5 years before removing the ovary as im only 39. They have now agreed that they will do it now as im desperate, but aparently this means I will need HRT because of the surgical menopause. Im scared of the risks with HRT, but i cant live withthis hernia anymore. I look pregnant and am so uncomfortable. I dont know what to do!!

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Hi Louise,

There are people that have had the operation for their incisional hernia, and I am sure it was a success, I didn't get mine fixed because the surgeon told me tht the operation isn't always successful, and it is a big operation, so I am not able to offer advise. sending you my best wishes whatever you x G x


Hi there ... like you, I had a hysterectomy at 39. My consultant didn't recommend hormone replacement. I felt so much better after the operation and I can really say that I didn't have any side effects with regards to hot flushes, mood swings and the like. I seemed to miss all of the nasty menopausal symptoms some of us get and for that I'm very grateful. Love Tina x x


I would go for a second opinion (Ovacome will be able to advise about this). I don't understand the procrastination about your ovary (if you want the surgery), and I don't accept that you would have to have HRT. I had an aggressive, surgically induced menopause and no HRT, and it was unpleasant, but perfectly do-able. I would not have accepted HRT anyway as not enough is understood about the hormonal drivers in ov. ca.

I hope you find the treatment to make you both safe and pain-free.




I also would have the surgery and see how you go. These borderline tumours can come back and very little is known about them . You will feel so much better when the hernia is sorted out. I also had a second massive laboratory a few months after the tag/box and whilst it is no picnic it is doable .

Some doctors do allow low dose HRT if you are desperate , the risks till 51 are the same as any other woman as the hormones are only replacing what your ovaries should be producing if they were there.

Take care

Charlie xxx


Hey willow... I'm 26 and 2 weeks ago I had both my ovaries removed due to having pre cancer cysts on them.. I too worried about using HRT but my consultant has said that I can use the contraception pill? Can you not do this too?



Hi Belle. You look gorgeous in your wedding photo. My gynae is saying I must take hrt tablets and have progesterone inplant. I dont really want to take something if I dont need it. So many ladies opt not to have any because of the risks. Xx


Thanks for the replys. Very helpful. I think I will go ahead with op, i know it needs to be done. But i will look into the hrt a bit more. I certainly dont want to take it, if I dont need it.

Louise xxx


I am in the throes of surgical menopause, I had a regular cycle with no issues prior to my cyst, and I was worried about this too. I was advised against HRT although there is no evidence my cyst was hormone led. We still produce oestrogen just some more than others, post menopause. I haven't found it too bad, the odd hot moment, it was worse post surgery but settled quickly.

I know more people who were inclined to use red clover instead.

LA xx


Hi Willow I'd gone through the menopause before my surgery and for me it wasn't too horrendous. Yes I had hot flushes but mine were manageable. I watched what I ate and drank, kept going with exercise and didn't find things too horrific. I suppose my point is that some people need HRT to get them through and others have milder symptoms and don't. Nobody should force you in to taking medication unless you really need it. So maybe it would just be better to see how you feel first and then only go on to HRT if your symptoms are unmanageable otherwise.

I can understand about you wanting the hernia dealt with. Mine are now making me feel really queasy a lot of the time and am just pleased that I now have a new date for getting them operated on. The 28th can't come soon enough for me!

Sending you a big hug.


Zannah x


I had the op over ten years ago and my surgeon recommended HRT implants to get me through the first six months, I hadn't had any time to research any of all happened quickly, so I didn't know what my options were. I had always intended to go through the menopause naturally. Eventually, when my implants ran out I decided to go it alone and, although I had hot flushes and night sweats, it wasn't too bad at all. I cope by using a magnet, 'Ladycare', having a good diet which includes soya milk, and keeping cool whenever I can. It sounds as if you'll be a whole lot more comfortable when you have the op. all the best with your decision

Love Wendy xx


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