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Easter break at the beach

I hope all you lovely ladies had a nice Easter break .

We went up the coast for Easter the weather is beautiful ( Australian Autumn) spent first day on the beach, second day decided to go for breakfast in town then down to the beach after, this was not to be passed out in the cafe and then made my way out on to the street to put my head into the garbage bin so as not to be sick in the cafe, I felt so embarrassed the poor cafe owner would not let us pay. plus wot must his other customers think one minute I'm eating, the next running out of the shop sick.

So home to bed for the rest of the day ,Poor husband decided to take me home but I said let try the beach again so spent Easter Sunday on the beach,Home Monday as I have chemo on Tuesday.( weekly Docetaxel )

I think I need to carry a couple sick bags next time.I did take Pramin for nausea maybe need something stronger.

In all It was a nice break wishing you all the best for your coming treatments.. Lorraine xx

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So glad to read you were able to go back to the beach. Maybe speak to your team and ask if they can give you some different anti-nausea medication.

Good luck for Tuesday.


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