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My break from chemo was fantastic!

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Good News!

I had a break from Paclitaxel (supposed to be weekly Feb to end of August) and had an amazing holiday! Hubby, mutt, and I went off in our campervan from home in Essex up & down the UK.

N. Yorkshire (photo is me at RHS Harlow Carr Garden), Ayrshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, and home. I stayed reasonably well and am so glad I did it!

I had a CT scan before I left and got the result today and there’s been no changes. I won’t see my oncologist until next Wednesday but I just wanted to give you all hope that life can still be fun with OC 😁

Good Luck to you all,


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So happy to hear of your wonderful trip and that CT scan showed no changes. I LOVE your photo! Thanks so much for sharing it. 😀Best wishes from Louisiana,


Bless you , you look fabulous so colourful. So glad you had a wonderful time l also went on holiday not telling you where because l shouldn't but enjoyed every minute. Continue to enjoy life. Love & hugs SheilaFxxx

Love good news about your scan .You look great , your holiday has done you good x

Love that picture of you, so good to know you had a great time Dee

That sounds wonderful and no doubt you are fully refreshed and recharged. Hope all goes well next week. Lovely pic xxx

Wonderful. Glad you had a lovely trip. Great photo. x

I love your photo! I’m so glad you went! There has to be some joy in life or the chemo isn’t worth it. Good news about the scan! Xx

So glad you got to go on holiday and could enjoy it

Looks great - and so do you! Good luck with your onc appointment. x

Excellent! I love a good chemo holiday xx

Great to hear. I am on the weekly taxol regime. The CA125 is going down and I have a scan in September. Not sure when I will have a break from it . I guess it will depend on the scan. So good that you could go out and have fun and get your life back again. You go girl!

Lovely photo Iris.So pleased you had a great time x

Hi Iris, thank you for such an uplifting post, so glad to read you’re enjoying life to the full. I need to read things like this right now as I’m feeling so anxious about travel.Wishing you all the best

Denise xxx

Fab photo, you look so happy. Glad you had a good holiday and received good news on your return. Best wishes and I hope you are planning your next break!xx

Well done you! You look so glamorous! So glad you had a wonderful trip and sounds like it’s done you good. Great news on your scan results too. Best wishes moving forward Claire xx

Dear Iris, Love the picture! I'm glad your break went well and even better the beast is at bay. Going away does the power of good. I didn't have a great break and actually feel better now I'm back on chemo but that's just one of those things. I'm going to North Yorkshire on Monday for 4 nights and will definitely be going to Betty's! Take care Sue xx

A lovely post to read. Thank you. It occurred to me we mustn't be afraid sometimes to ask for breaks or adjustments to treatment regimes if it means we get a bit of 'normal' 'Joy' that is a medicine in its self. Onward and upward for you. Xx

Have a great time chilling 🤗xx

That’s a great photo ! Glad you had a good holiday Xx

What a stunning photo, you look amazing and I just love your jacket and scarf and openly covet them 😂. Thank you for sharing the details of your trip, sounds like good fun has been had by all 3 of you and especially for sharing the excellent news that your CT scan shows stability. I think that, where possible, it’s important to have a complete break from the rigmarole of scans, hospitals and all the associated shenanigans, good for the body and the soul. Hope you tried a fat rascal at Bettys? Take care lovely lady ❤️Xx Jane

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Irisisme in reply to Cropcrop

😂 we took away a box of ‘cheeky rascals, Cropcrop; they were delicious! 😋

So glad you had such a wonderful time on your break from chemo. You do look as though you were really enjoying yourself. Good news on the CT scan and I wish you all the best as you move forward. Jackie x

Brilliant picture looks like you had a great time ...all the best for next week.

Iris you go girl!!!! Photo says it all! Wishing for all good things your way lord knows we all need it so happy when everyone posts fun things Hugs from San Diego CALiforniaDebbie

So glad you had a lovely holiday and to get home to your results of “no change” icing on the cake.I love your pic enjoying your drink. Happy Days 😀 all the best Marg. ❤️

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