Happy Easter everyone

Hello all you lovely ladies,

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. I hope the Easter bunny brings us some good luck with our various treatments along with his delivery of easter eggs.

I don't post much but I do read the blogs/questions every day. I find it a great support and learn so much from you all. There is no support group near to me so you are my support. I feel you are all my virtual friends who are there should I need you and you all usually are.

Every time I feel down or upset someone posts something on here which helps me - you must all be psychic!!

Have a great day everyone and keep up the good work of fighting this #¥€$@


Again thank you for you all being there and posting what you do. There are a few of you who are so supportive to so many of us who are out there fighting this but not posting.

Must go - I can hear hopping in the garden - could be the Easter bunny with my children's eggs and maybe a little one for me!


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  • Hope the Easter bunny brings us all we wish for, mainly good health, Jackie!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Happy Easter to you and everyone... and heres to many more Easter days in years to come :)

    Julie x

  • The Easter Bunny left us 2 bags of little Easter Eggs through the letter box this morning. One for him and one for her. We have some lovely neighbours!

    My one sister in law sent me us the most beautiful yellow and white flower arrangement with yellow and white carnations, lillies (stargazers), freshia, daises and fern fronds. Also other sister in law sent the most lovely Easter card with fluffy yellow chicks on the front.

    Coupled with being with my husband for 4 whole days (he still works full time) I hope you all have sparkly bits this Easter too. Even if you are not very religous, the new life and family values it celebrates are relevant and uplifting to most of us.

    Love Lizzie


  • The Easter bunny brought me my lovely family home easter despite my poor cooking!!!

    Like you jacks I find this site such a support, so informative and full of virtual friends who know how you feel about the smallest to the greatest fears we all have from time to time. Fears, hopes and dreams that we all understand sharing this disease.

    Love to you all


  • Dear Sue, What's a Jack? I'm perplexed. Xxx


  • I like to think it's like a Harry Enfield 'peeps'. Try this on for size...

    "Like you peeps, I find this site such a support".

    Love Lizzie


    P.S. It is I!

  • Hi Annie

    " Jacks" was Jackie's userename I thought. Didn't see the jackie til after I had posted!!!


  • Hi,

    Jacks is my nickname and also a game you play with five metal prong things and a ball - which I am not much good at.

    The Easter bunny forgot to bring me any Easter eggs (hubby didn't go shopping) but he did manage to bring my children and husband loads so they have been sharing with me. Which is not too bad a thing as we are not supposed to eat sugar are we!

    Thanks for all your replies


  • Jack is also a sailor - which is what I do - hence my confusion, a flag and by extension the nickname for a 'Brit', the little ball in bowls, and a plug for a hi-fi. So many Jacks but only one Jacks 150! I shan't be confused any longer.

    Loads of love Annie

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