Wedding on a beach in Turkey

Hi Ladies,

Flying off early tomorow morning for my Daughters wedding on the beach.

This has been postponed twice because of this terrible disease, but at the moment I am ok.

Can't tell you how emotional this will be,(because you already know), but just glad to be here, be well and will enjoy the moment.

I wish all the best for you ladies in your journeys, it is always worth it and this site is a tremendous amount of support to us all.

Gonna get brown, drink and eat too much and worry about tomorow when I get back, suggest you all do the same,

Love you lots

Carole xxx

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  • Have a brilliant time Carole xx

  • Thanks Lyndy,

    I plan to, hope you feel ok today lovely sunshine here in Kent xxx

  • Hi Carole,

    You give me so much inspiration to think in another year or so I may be doing things like going to turkey!!!!

    I have 2 chemo left and then 18 avastin. I'm 3 weeks post op and still feeling very sore.

    Just goes to show what a difference a year can make.

    Have a wonderful time,

    Mandy, xx

  • Fantastic! What a lovely time you and your family are going to have - memories to treasure forever. x

  • You go girl! have a great time,wishing you the very best xx

  • Thanks love, you go too!

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Hi Minard,

    Yes and every memory for each of us has to be treasured, big and small, I plan on having lots of fun as I hope you do this summer,

    Wish you well,

    Carole xxx

  • Wonderful, enjoy and I hope all goes well. xx

  • Thanks Trix will do xxx

  • How lovely I love a wedding I'm sure you will have a fantastic time post some pics xx

  • Will do Alison, if I can get some help!!!

  • I do hope you have a fabulous time and can enjoy the memories for a long time to come. Xx

  • Thanks Alikay,

    Plan to, looking forward to some sun on my back too!


    Carole xxx

  • Go enjoy! xxx

  • Will do love,thinking of you all xxx

  • Have a great time xx

  • Thanks luv xx

  • Have a Fab time Carole and we want picture or two when you come back. Enjoy the sun, and embrace the day, it wil be wonderful I assure you

  • Thanks S

    Thinking of you all xxx

  • Hope you have a fab time Carole!!


  • Thanks Hun, plan to, glad you are doing so well too, rocking the wigless look sure we will set a new trend, pixie cuts inc. lol!

    Take care xxx

  • Hi Carole, have a fabulous time,

    Take care & best wishes

    L x

  • Sounds fabulous have an amazing time

    LA xx

  • Thanks Lily Anne,am here now and the hotel and resort is amazing,

    Best wishes

    Carole xxx

  • Have an amazing time. xxx Much Love Trish

  • Thanks Trish,

    I've had an amazing first day,

    Best wishes

    Carole xxx

  • Have an amazing time make lots of wonderful memories xxxx

  • Thanks Babsclunn,

    I hope all you ladies have some trips planned, it really does uplift the spirits xxx

  • I expect you've already arrived. Hope the wedding is fabulous and the weather and the food; everything in fact.

  • Hi Carolle, have a wonderful time at your daughter's wedding on the beach in Turkey. I'm sure it will be wonderful. Special times. Ann x

  • Sounds amazing, have a fantastic time and stick two fingers up to the blighter!

    Madeline x

  • Have a great time Carole's. You will have a great time..

  • To all you ladies, I'm here now in Turkey, having a lovely time with the family, thanks for all your replies and good wishes, I will try and upload a wedding photo if I am able,

    Wishing you the best good wishes,

    Carole xxx

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