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No appetite for 10 days

I'm a 46 year old female who doesn't smoke or drink. I have been on Yaz birth control and Flonase (for non-allergic rhinnitis) for 8 years. I'm fairly healthy, I weigh 135, but I don't exercise frequently. I noticed a slight decrease in appetite 2 months ago but I paid no mind to it (had an appetite but didn't crave chocolate or need second servings anymore). Just recently I knew my period would be starting and I always have some PMS where I need to take Ibuprofen to help with cramping. This time I didn't have PMS, but felt tired. I also started my period 2 days later than normal. My period is always regular and is always heavy the first 3 days with cramping. This time it was very light and I had no cramping. I lost my appetite completely the same day that my period started. My period continued to be even lighter the second day still with no appetite and mild stomach discomfort. I tried to eat throghout the day. Tuesday morning I woke up light-headed, weak, abdominal tightening, not pain per say, clammy, and couldn't focus. I told my husband to take me to the ER. I had abdominal CT, CBC, and urine labs. I wasn't pregnant and all results came back normal ( to include thyroid). I have had no fever, no vomiting, and no naseau. They didn't see anything life-threatening so I was sent home. That same day I had watery diarreah 4 times that day. I was also seen by a GI specialist on day 5 of no appetite and feeling tired and weak. She said she suspected a virus because the top middle of my abdomen was tender when pushed and because the loss of appetite was so sudden. She gave me Nexium to take eventhough I didn't have acid reflux. I'm on day 10 of no appetite now (not even for my daily morning coffee or for chewing gum). I've been forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between. Eventhough I'm not hungry, when I eat, I sense a fullness feeling quickly. I'm tired and I feel weak with sore muscles but I make myself try and carry out my normal activites but tire easily. I'm going to try and push for female hormonal tests for things like estrogen, etc. Has anyone ever had no appetite before for 10 days or longer? What other tests do you recommend? I don't feel depressed but doctors say I should be seen by a psychologist. Any insight into this is appreciated because I feel extremely worried

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Hi Betherb. I'm not much help to you but I'll start the ball rolling. I'm sure you know we're all ovarian cancer sufferers on this site. Personally, none of your symptoms are similar to mine at diagnosis. I have read that feeling full without eating much can be a symptom of OC but it wasn't one I experienced. I only had 2 symptoms which were bloated belly and pain in a lymph node in my groin. I certainly had no weakness or loss of appetite; I went on a 15km brisk walk a week or so prior to diagnosis - I felt fine. An abdominal CT scan should've shown an ovarian tumour, if one is present. If you really think that OC is on the cards for you, then ask for a CA125 blood test. That's the cancer marker for OC but it isn't particularly reliable. There will soon be more people to give you their experience. It must be very frustrating when you have all these symptoms but no diagnosis. Best wishes. Pauline.

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Betherb, trust yourself. You are not imagining your symptoms. They are real. Have you had a colonoscopy? Endoscopy? Your symptoms are very similar to what I experienced. Do not allow medical care providers to dismiss your concerns. You know your body better than anyone else. Find a GP who will advocate for you, not dismiss you. Please read my profile. I was dismissed by many doctors who refused to listen to me. I spent well over a year fighting OC. I expect to have to fight this battle intermittently for the rest of my life. Tesla


Sorry i can't offer much advice but I did lose appetite. However, my ovarian tumour showed up clearly on CT scan which you have had. I hope that your doctor is right and this is a nasty virus that will clear up, but you have symptoms which you clearly need to get to the bottom of.. I would be questioning your doctor as to why he wants you to see a phycologist when you have come with physical symptoms that need investigating.

Hope you get a good resolution soon x



Sorry did not experience the same syptoms as you as was feeling fit and well apart from passing urine more frequently before my stage 4 OC diagnosis so can only confirm that you should definately seek a second opinion and get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms. A CA125 blood test may be helpful but not always reliable .

Good luck and stay strong . Take someone with you for support . Love Kim x


I agree with the replies. Typically a CT scan in conjunction with a CA125 nlood test is the beginning of a OC diagnosis, or ruling it out. The CT scan will show tumors or abnormal growths and a CA125 can indicate if OC proteins are in your blood and provide a good likelihood that what the CT shows could be from ovaries.

Good news- you had a CT scan and it sounded clear. Please continue to seek out answers via other doctors/specialists intil you have a clear diagnosis. I would start with both gastrointestinal and gynecological investigation. But please keep pushing.

And if you have severe bloating (suddenly looking very pregnant, get back to doctors asap for another scan.

Best of luck and hopefully it's nothing too serious.



None of your symptoms match mine but something is obviously not right. As others have suggested, ask for a CA-125 test. The test is not 100% reliable. But persist until you do discover what is wrong with you.

All the best.


I had nausea for several weeks begore eating became a problem. My doctor felt a slight fullness on one side and sent me for an ultrasound. I had no other symptoms but was diagnosed stage 3c ovarian cancer. This does not mean that you have this but you should press for further tests and not be fobbed of with needing a psychologist. Wishing you the very best, Wendy


as others have said abdominal CT should have diagnosed OC oc unless it was very high up...

CA125 would be good too. Hopefully it is a virus...!


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