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I have been struggling a little bit with my appetite. I feel my hungriest in the morning but as the day goes on I feel less hungry. Yesterday I ate more in the morning when i was feeling my best and snacked for the rest of the day. Other times if I don't feel hungry I will also make myself a green smoothie.

This got me wondering what others do when they are not feeling that hungry?

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I find I'm hungriest in the morning too. If I'm not particularly hungry later on I try to have small snacks....start on fruit, it goes downhill from there! I also have a glass of milk last thing at night.

Love Chris


Hi ScardyCat, Have you tried eating little and often as this will keep your energy levels up. Since my diagnosis I've been a lot more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth and I try to stick to wholegrain bread, loads of salad (I'm currently hooked on watercress), fruit, cereal bars, veg, and lean meat. I'm also eating more dairy for my bones and I take supplements. I'm also eating far too many midget gems. Don't know where that came from but I just love them at the moment lol. Take care Love Kerry xx


Thanks Kerry and yes I am doing that but not the midget gems as I don't really like them :)


I just eat all day! Despite that I am losing weight and only 7 stone 4. I feel like My diet should be all healthy but at the moment I just eat whatever I fancy to get the calories in. I eat regular normal meals in small portions as well. You can get supplement drinks from the GP or dietician although they are mainly pretty disgusting! I was also told if you can't increase the amount of food you are eating then pack more calories into that amount like add cream and butter to foods etc. it's annoying that so many foods in the supermarket now are in low fat ranges and diet categories.


Thank you I am trying to do that so its good to know I am doing the right things. I am not bloated I just don't feel very hungry. I am been losing weight but then I have been dieting. Last week was really easy to lose weight and I'd lost more than I was predicted to but then i was struggling to eat all my calories


In my case appetite loss is always accompanied by weight loss (I have little spare to lose ) so trying to maintain stable weight becomes my number 1 priority .................. so in the case of appetite loss I try to tickle my appetite by eating whatever I fancy regardless of whether is good for me or bad for cancer . If I fancy it I eat it . I can then revert once weight and appetite restored .


I didn't have a huge appetite before OC and since then it has decreased further. I had an attack of flu last week which sent it almost back to zero again so the chicken soup cans were activated. I think its a childhood thing, when I have a heavy cold or flu, I want chicken soup and lucozade.

When my appetite was really poor, post op and in the few days following chemo, I used to try and get in small volume, easy to swallow, high calorie mouthfuls. High fat yoghurts and desserts, cheesecake, peanut butter etc. And cheese triangles which I hadn't touched for about 40 years :) Anything with cream in. A dietician's nightmare, I'm sure but I needed to get the calories in. Peaches and nectarines went down easily and were my nod to healthy eating.

If I try to eat too much in one go, I do feel uncomfortable so I tend to stick to smaller meals.

And if I'm finding it difficult to eat anything at all I resort to my extra luxurious hot chocolate. I add cream and a couple of squares of dark chocolate to melt in it. Even better if you add rum :)

Love Mary xx


I made some brownies yesterday eating some of them. Almond milk coco doesn't quite have the sound ring but it is very nice.


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