Weekly Taxol

Hi ladies I started weekly taxol a couple of weeks ago, I have felt so tired and feeling sick and severe heartburn, anything I ate or was drinking burnt all the way down, it was horrible. Went for chemo last Friday and instead they admitted me into hospital with low kidney function, high potassium levels and low HB so lots of fluids pumped into me and a blood transfusion to go with it, it was my first every blood transfusion and I was very nervous, but all went well and came out of hospital the next day. After all this must admit I feel so much better and realise how I was dragging myself around.

Hopefully will have chemo this Friday now!!

Wishing you all the best ladies



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  • Karen I felt weird having a blood transfusion first time around but it really helps. I am keeping fingers crossed for you and hoping you get Friday chemo as per.

    All the best right back to you, Netti xx

  • Hey Karen!

    Sorry you were feeling so rotten but glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now! Hope the chemo goes ok on Friday!

    Take care!


  • Sounds horrid but so glad your feeling better taxol does take its toll on us ... I had it every three weeks so chance to recover cat imagine what is like every week best wishes for your continued treatment ... hope you got heartburn sorted too I take medication so do mention if to your gp or onc please don't suffer unnecessarily 🤗🤗

  • Glad you're feeling better following the blood transfusion. Fingers crossed the chemo goes ahead. Hope the heartburn and sickness has eased off, it most be so debilitating.

    All the best!

  • Hi Karen what a dose to have but I am glad you are now sorted and will take it easy until the next treatment best wishes

  • Thank you ladies xx

  • Hi Karen,

    I had 2 blood transfusions and felt so much better!

    If you have this trouble with heartburn,why don't you have a word with your team to see if they will put you on Omaprezole.I take one tablet a day and don't suffer with acid anymore,

    Carole xx

  • Thanks Carole have spoken to them and they have prescribed omaprezole thankfully, hopefully now i will feel better xxx

  • So good,it was the wonderdrug for me,hope it works for you,let me know,after a day,I was better xx

  • Karen I drink Aloe Vera daily & swear by it for heartburn. I know it works for me as if I forget to have it I suffer. Something to consider if you didn't want more drugs. My nutritionist recommended for me alongside my chemo & I'm also having weekly Taxol. Ocado sell it. It's made by Pukka & I have approx 3tbsp every morning on an empty stomach x

  • Thank you I will definitely try it, best wishes with your treatment xx

  • Hi Karen, So glad the infusion helped, its surprising the difference they make isn't it? I had 2. I also had the heartburn with weekly taxol and found gaviscon really helped me + a fairly bland diet, my oncologist said it was fine to take but check with yours.

    Hope your taxol can go ahead on Friday, keep hydrated and take lots of care ❤xx Jane

  • Thanks Jane xx

  • Hope you're feeling better. I had the most horrendous heartburn when I started carbo/ caelyx in December and have been on omeprozole ever since - it seems to be doing the trick xx

  • Thank you yes have just been prescribed omeprozole so,hopefully it will do the trick and I can eat and drink.


  • So glad you feeling better, it affected me, I had bad fatigue with weekly taxol but got through it. Hope your chemo goes OK on Friday. Xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Hope all goes well for you now xxx

  • So glad you are feeling better. I am on chemo 3- weekly and really tired on that.

  • I've had weekly taxol before and the tiredness didn't really hit me until half way through so really hope it gets better. The best thing is to rest when you can best wishes xx

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