Taxol allergy

Third weekly chemo in (regime was supposed to be Carbo/Taxol, Taxol, Taxol, Carbo/Taxol for 9 weeks then reassess for surgery). Allergic reaction on Taxol week 2 and again Taxol week 3 so my sister is coming off Taxol and they are going to try something else. Anyone had this happen to them? She is ok, had to have a blood transfusion and is using the mini break to get stuff done before she gets back into the ring next week with Chemo X (unknown at this point). I am very proud of her, she is a strong fighting spirit, she's driving again and fully over the op.

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  • I was allergic to taxol and was swapped to docetaxel which is in the same family but a different strain. I was on the three-weekly cycle though, not weekly, so I don't know if that makes a difference. I was fine with docetaxel - no more allergic responses.

    I hope your sister is OK.

  • with my front line chemo I had to have my Taxol reduced after session 1 reduced again after session 2 and it was stopped after session 4. So I ended up on Carbo only for sessions 5 and 6.

    There are lots of alternatives and a plan will be put in place. It's just another thing to put up with and makes everyone's journey so different .

    I'm pleased she is ok and hope that she gains strength during her mini -break. She has great support from you too.

    Clare xx

  • I had carboplatin only as I had a bad reaction to taxol with the first dose. It's a very toxic drug and doesn't suit everyone. Platinum drugs have been the mainstay of ovarian chemo since the 80's. And there is lots of research to question the necessity of taxol .(google it! ) so tell your sister not to worry. I had a three month break to recover from taxol and I used the time well. The good news is that carboplatin did not cause hair loss.

  • Hello. There are other options besides taxol, as others have said. I was on caelyx for recurrence and that wasn't too bad. It's 4 weekly and I went away for a week 3 times while I was on it, to self-catering cottages so I could rest if I needed to. There's also carboplatin, gemcitabine, and etoposide.

  • My sister has been put on the 3 weekly regime and chemo went well today carbo and docetaxal. Hoping the side effects aren't too severe and she can have a bit of normality in between cycles.

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