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Could have taxol after op

Hi Ladies,

Went yesterday for my First chemo after op just less than 3 weeks since hysterectomy.

Had to have repeat bloods done as the liver function wasn't up to scratch.

Anyway the oncologist deceided to let me have carbo but not taxol, and has requested a ultrasound scan this week and a appointment with her this Friday, slightly worried as everything was so positive.

Anybody else had this happen😔

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I have had two chemo now after op and both been carbo only, also had kidney problems that involved having a ultrasound scan afterwards but was nothing to worry about.

Try not to panic. With both my chemos after surgery I have had low blood levels and the chemo delayed??

Wishing u well,

Mandy, xx


Thanks Mandy that's reassuring for me xx

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My Dr. wanted me to do taxol/carbo. I chose to only do carbo. My Dr. didn't like it one bit! But my gut told me not to do both as I felt it would do more harm then good. But that's me and each one of us is different and will make choices based on a lot of different things. My side effects from just the carbo have been tolerable. Some stomach cramping, fatigue and my hair is thinner, but not falling out. I pray that I have made the right decision. Time will tell. Listen to your Dr. but also listen to those gut feelings we women are so good at having.

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I had bad liver readings after op. It's very common. I wasn't allowed Paracetamol as a pain killers. They did recover by my chemo 4 weeks post op. Good luck. Don't stress as I'm sure you will recover x


Thanks Gleedy, I'll mention that on Friday when I see my oncologist as I'm on paracetamol 4 times a day at the moment. Not having a scan now going for more blood tests today xx


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