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Hi ladies , here's a question. I have stage 4 oc , diagnosed about 10 months ago.

March to June 3 lots of carbo taxol , unfortunately did not work for me. Passed to palliative care , as I didn't want to be binned off , onc agreed to see me again September. I'd had a good summer and when he saw me , he was delighted with how well I Iooked (compared to June) , I had a further scan and then November to January, 3 lots of carbo caelyx , unfortunately that hasn't worked either . Loads of fluid back and just home from having 5 litres drained today - feeling comfy.

Have now been offered 12 weeks of taxol alone , has anyone had this please. Back to onc next week to discuss in detail.

I don't post often but read every day and am so loving the positivity of all you ladies and gents.

I have a positive attitude and will keep fighting , every day makes a difference and Christmas was an absolute bonus. Truly blessed with family and friends too , all the support we get is amazing.

Thanks for your help x

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  • Hi there, im stage 4 too, haven't had taxol alone,on 2nd line gem/carbo at present. But just wanted to say good luck and as hard as it is try and keep your positive attitude, I believe that it really does help. Stay strong, best wishes xxx

  • Thanks , good luck on your journey.

  • Hi I'm stage 4 and have been on exactly the regime you've been on, I also had weekly taxol last year and tolerated it quite well, I got very tired about half way through which made me a bit emotional.

    I managed to work through the chemo though, I've been on tamoxifen for a few months now but onc has told be I need to go back on weekly chemo starting in a few weeks.

    Hope it all goes well and you don't have too many side effects



  • Thanks for that , it's great to know. Good luck x

  • So sorry that we all have to be going through this nightmare. I've never had fluids drained and am not familiar with it. i have stage 3 C Ovarian and going to be starting Rubrcar a pill chemo. Twice a day, nervous but no choice. Keep your chin up!

  • I've had weekly taxol twice over the years and both times it's been quite effective. Also more tolerable than they others. Hope it works for you

    Love Francesca xx

  • I am on weekly taxol and it's much the easiest one I've been on. I had a CT scan Tuesday and will find out whether it's working when I see the doc in a couple of weeks. Wednesday I did yoga am, lunch out with friend, Spanish class in the afternoon and an evening meeting. I'm halfway through as of yesterday and feel fine most of the time. A bit fatigued Sat but still up and doing stuff (I have the infusion on Wednesdays).

  • Sorry infusion Thursdays. It's a bit of a tie as it takes most of the day due to the cold cap. I take ice for my hands to try to avoid neuropathy as I have a four ply jumper to finish (for an 80th birthday last September!) and a blanket to counteract the cold! better than the hospital ones.

  • Hello lindy-hop

    I'm on 18 sessions of taxol. I am half way through. I found the first six ok, relatively side effects free except for some fatigue. Then my nails, hands and feet took on a brown tinge and some discomfort. Moisturise frequently to prevent splitting etc. The neuropathy in toes and fingers can be uncomfortable. Be sure to tell Oncologist if it becomes a concern as s/he might reduce dosage. Hair loss all over (in my case), yet some fluff on head! Nausea can increase with the amount of sessions. Fatigue is frequent.

    You did ask!😷

    I hope you have a positive result at the end.


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