So went to see Oncologist to make sure I'm ok for my 2nd chemo tomorrow. No my red cells too low should be 100 but 48. Had another blood test whilst there and got the phone call NO chemo tomorrow. Last time it was my white cells. Has anyone else had this? I'm on just Carboplatin.

Also asked him about my GP saying the scan results gad said cancer in spine. he said no . But I still saw it as he re read the report!! I asked him if he was being honest and he said yes . he has been doing hides job for years and never seen Ovarian cancer spread to spine. So I have accepted that and will continue. Just want to get my 6 chemos done but feel doomed there is always a problem!! xxx

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  • Hi Ricky yes I was on carbo and taxol and chemo didn't go ahead for 3 goes. I was upset as just wanted to get things done and move on, I thought improving my diet may help but it's just that our poor bodies cannot recover in the time allocated, for me it was 3 weeks. It's frustrating but understandable when explained. I would ask for a copy of your report. Have you had surgery? If yes ask for a copy of your Pathology Report. All the best Love Michelle x

  • Yes had the same problem carboplatin 1st cycle 3rd Jan went for 2nd 25th Jan to find white and red cells down followed by 2pints blood transfusion and infilgram injections went 2ndFeb was told it would be ok no red platelets not quite there. Had 2nd cycle on 14th Feb reduced 20 per cent. Sent home with infilgram injections to inject For 5 days. So it's seems to be a waiting game. Hope you get your cycle soon. Regards Barbara

  • Hi. I had my op 2012. The oncologist reassured me it definitely wasn't in my spine I said please don't hide it from me be honest and he said he was being honest. I do have 6 vertabre fractures 4 of which healing well but 2 new ones but I'm not in pain so I feel extremely lucky. I just want the chemo done and try to have some normality I am Terminal and know ut will come back but blinking bloods are stopping it!! Thank you so much for replying it really helps to read others experience and advice 💗💗💗

  • Hi Ricky - I've been on carboplatin/taxol and now caelyx/carboplatin. Both times I've had a no-go due to low white blood cells, but not red. It's so frustrating but there is absolutely nothing we can do, but give it more time.

    I understand that in some hospitals there are infusions/injections to boost the bone marrow's production but I've not been offered it. I have had reduced doses during both regimes as my body was obviously not coping.

    I sympathise with how you're feeling, particularly with your suspicion about your notes and their comments on your spine. Try to put this out of your mind now - you've questioned it again and it's been refuted. This is good news. You now need all your energy to get those blood cell's manufactured!!

    Caroline x

  • Hi Ricky- I have also been told there is nothing we can do, eat etc to help get blood counts up. I needed a transfusion two different times so far to boost my red counts (it did not help the white). I was scared at first but now a big fan as the new blood helped with symptoms related to the drop and made me feel a little better. Know this is normal. It means the chemo is messing with your body- thats good. Hugs to you. You'll get your chemo soon.

  • I'm absolutely terrified about having a blood transfusion go into a panic at the thought... NO real idea why though. Do you have it done as day patient? He hasn't mentioned it. yet!!

  • Maybe eating red meat night before i was told that helps red cells for my bloods i was drinking coconut water twice day helped my bloods through chemo.. chemo nurse told me to drink it... all the best xxx

  • I'm a vegetarian so no red meat for me. I try very hard to be healthy food wise but my stomach decided before Xmas it didn't like fruit and veg so much anymore!!

  • Yes - I think these delays are particularly common on carboplatin on its own. I certainly was delayed for both on it several times.

    G-CSF injections work for the white cells. But if you've got platelet problems too, a transfusion's probably the best thing to do.

    I had several. It's boring and takes longer than you expect but basically like having chemo.

    We may not fancy it but it sure made me appreciate my brother and my son who regularly give blood and wish that more people did it, and that I'd done more of it!

    Black strap molasses, spatone or floradix might help a bit too, especially if you're struggling with green leafies.

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