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In the autumn, I wrote that I was starting Caelyx as 3rd line chemo. That was discontinued last month, after 3 cycles, as my scan showed it was having no effect. My onc suggested that, as I've had my current 4 GCT tumours for nearly 4 years, & no more new ones in that time, & nothing seems to be working to stop my existing tumours getting bigger, perhaps it's time to consider more surgery. My previous surgeon in Cambridge said no, but a surgeon in Norwich is willing to do it. I'm due to go in next Friday, & he'll aim to remove as much as he can, though it might mean a stoma. It's all rather daunting, & risky, but I'm not ready to give up fighting this beast yet. And for GCT, surgery is supposed to be the best treatment. Di

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  • Hi Di, I know it's not ideal but I guess it's what we all want . There is something very satisfying about the thought of having this beast cut out . I would have liked to had more surgery when mine recurred but my oncologist said it couldn't be done. Instead just got to try and shrink it away. Wish you all the luck on a successful op. Hugs coming your way 😘😘🌻

  • Hi D,

    I always think the best way to go is surgery and a mop up with chemo.They very nearly didn't operate on me,but, came up with a plan and did with 6 months chemo and I'm still here.

    My point is,give yourself the best chance you can and if someone is willing to do it,then it's because they think they can.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Let us know how you get on,

    Carole xx

  • It's good that you have a confident surgeon and it does sound as if they are good to come out! Fighting knickers are ON and I wish you well. I've no experience of a stoma however there are lots of lovely ladies who can advise I'm sure if that's the outcome - many are temporary and it all gives us more chance doesn't it?

    Thinking of you and keep us update if you will !

    Lots of hugs to you, don't forget to pack them in your bag!

    Clare xx

  • I'd choose surgery every time, I had this conversation yesterday with my gynae onc and he said additional surgeries are controversial as there is little supporting evidence, although there are current trials including desktop 111. The cost of surgery is greater for the NHS hence the encouragement to avoid it. I wish you luck for your surgery and hope it is a big success. It's better out than in!

    LA xx

  • I wish you well with the surgery, they wouldnt be doing it unless there was a good chance to get it all so hopefully it will work out for you, thinking of you at this time

  • Wishing you success with your surgery, your surgeon sound confident that he can help and it does feel like you're being proactive doesn't it? Good luck, fingers crossed for a good outcome. Sending big hugs of encouragement and lots of love ❤️ xx Jane

  • Hi Di - read your post with interest. I've had multiple ops and just stopping Gemzar/Carbo as not working either, now starting weekly Taxol. Pls tell us how you get on, I'm sure you should have the op. I'm interested to know if you discussed other hormone treatments with your docs? I am treated here in France and the are keen to pile on the chemo even tho not great for low grade, I'd so much rather try some hormone tablets. Very best wishes for the op - Nicola

  • Like you, I've had multiple ops - 4 so far done by gynae oncology surgeons, plus another to deal with a strangulated incisional hernia. Like you, I'd rather try hormone tablets than have chemo. The first one I had was Arimidex. After 2 courses of chemo, I had Exemestane, the one that worked best for me. After that one stopped working last year, they agreed to let me try 2 more, first Tamoxifen tablets, then Zoladex injections, but neither of those did any good, so I had chemo, Caelyx, but that was discontinued after 3 cycles. So now it's more surgery. Thank you for your best wishes. Di

  • Very good luck with the surgery Di. Keep us informed how you go on. Best wishes.


  • Thank you everyone for your replies & good wishes.. Di

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