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Hello All

I've got my surgery coming up in a few weeks time. While I'm looking forward to it being over, I am feeling a bit scared I have to say. Is it that bad? I've had five caesareans in the past, and never worried about these, but just feeling really apprehensive. Also, I've been told by the palliative care team that recovery is 3 months, and by a surgeon that it's 4-6 weeks. Any info, advice welcome. Thank you x

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  • Hi Phia

    I had full abdominal hysterectomy, removal of ovaries, omentum and fallopian tubes on 16th September. I was told by medical team that recovery is about 6 weeks, but I think 3 months is a more realistic time frame. It's only in the last week or so that I feel I have fully recovered. Be kind and patient with yourself, you will slowly but surely begin to feel better after a few weeks. Don't push yourself too hard, but try to do a little walk every day (when you feel up to it).

    Good luck with your op!


  • Yes I agree, a partial recovery in six weeks during which you should not lift any heavier than a cuppa. I would also agree that you take it day by day week by week. Its not that bad really, just have a few nighties handy for the first day or two easier to manage for you. Have some help organised at home to do the heavy jobs and I wish you well in the operation

  • Oh me too! Going in on 3 December. I feel kind of glad because it means my chemos working but apprehensive too... It is a major op! Sister in law from the States is in UK and has threatened to visit me in hospital that weekend... More scared that I will still be at the groaning and peeing through a tube stage for the Royal visit lolx

  • Good luck Lyndy for your op - guess I'll be a week or so behind you, but will be thinking about you. Yes, I'm glad too because it means the chemo is working, but yes, it is major.....x

  • Wishing you well with your surgery, take each day as it comes, each day you will feel a bit better, rest and take it easy but go for a gentle walk when you feel up to it, most days if you can. You'll get through it xxx

  • I find that surgeons are always so enthusiastic with recovery times. After my TAH it was about eight weeks until I felt much better. Concentrate on being kind to yourself, your body will tell you all you need to know.

    Good luck


  • Hi Phia,

    No, it's totally normal to feel apprehensive or nervous. I had a complete hysterectomy on 13 August. Like you I was eager to get it done so I could start to feel better, but nervous about the recovery and all that involves. My experience was that yes, 6-8 weeks is a good time frame for when you might start feeling like you can be a bit more active, you don't need to rest quite as much, and so forth. But then I would push myself a bit too much and I'd be really feeling it!

    So don't rush into anything strenuous like lifting heavy things the moment you start to feel better. I'd agree that feeling fully recovered takes closer to three months but don't be discouraged -- you really do start to feel much better fairly quickly. Just do as your care team suggest, and listen to your body, rest when you need to, and be patient with yourself. You'll get there. All the best to you, Kerry x

  • My surgery was 17th June. it took 6-8 weeks to feel relatively 'normal'. I went back to work (albeit part time at first in August). Try and walk around as much as possible after surgery, the medical staff will be keen for you to do this, it really helps. I had to watch my diet fairly closely and was placed on a 'low residue' diet, lots of protein & very little fruit & veg which for me was quite difficult, especially as it was strawberry season ! I am still quite careful about lifting heavy things. I have a lot more energy now & have even been mountain biking! Just allow yourself to have those first few weeks of rest & relaxation, very important. Good luck x

  • That's inspiring Jarpy - thank you! x

  • Thank you so much we for your replies. I don't know why I'm so anxious about it, but I am, and your replies have given me reason to feel a bit less anxious. I'm finding the whole experience of having the OC very isolating and quite depressing at the moment. I live a very long way from my family ( apart from my husband, we moved when the youngest went to Uni) and not being able to travel to see them is very hard. (Nearest one is 6 hours away). Still, that's another story. Thank you for the surgery info though, I shall take it slowly after the surgery......Phia xx

  • I found it a useful distraction before surgery to get prepared for the practical stuff and it can make a bit of difference!

    - for hospital I bought a couple of long cotton nighties in a slightly larger size- one less seam around your tum and easier to manage the catheter etc. Yes to bigger knickers, I sized up and as I was quite swollen this helped. Simple soft cotton ones did the trick! Also I got a couple of those soft bra- tops which were fantastic as I could comfortably sleep in them whilst feeling that a little of my modesty was preserved (from the waist up at least!!)

    Some simple travel sized toiletries, face wipes etc and also a natural sponge which was really lovely when I was able to have a wash and dries easily.

    - I also took into hospital my pillow and a couple of cotton pillowcases- hospitals are pretty hot places and if you are experiencing menopausal Symtoms then a plastic covered pillow is not a nice place to lay your head!! Someone had sent me a lavender bag a couple of weeks before and I slept with it under my pillow at home and then took it along as well. I think lavender is associated with better sleep but it was quite reasurring that my pillow felt and smelt of home and the Drs and nurses used to like coming to my bed for the relief from hospital smells too!! I took my partners long cotton dressing gown which was great as they do encourage you to get up and walking as soon as possible and I felt quite comfortable wandering around in it! Also found a little MP3 and earphones with a range of music and the radio a great help in switching off from the noises of the ward and as it slipped into my pocket i could wander about!

    The week before, I filled the freezer with some tasty, easy to cook food and did a few batches of soup etc. Partly so my partner could grab something when he got home, partly so I knew there were tasty things waiting for me but mostly as I felt I was being useful and distracted.

    The last thing I did which I would thoroughly recommend if it might help was to set up a 'phone tree' for friends and family. It meant that my partner could speak to a couple of people and then they would relay the news (if any) onwards. My brother acted as a point of reference for my family and then a couple of good friends each had a cluster and so on!! I am a bit of an organiser , but it really worked, they were pleased to help and it made life a lot easier for my partner!

    Aside from this though, in the meantime I would heartily encourage you to get out and do the things you enjoy (weather permitting!), have a few drinks/ cakes with friends and would like to wish you strength and hope! Sxx

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