Low grade serous

Hi there this is the first time I've joined one of these pages and feel nervous but here it goes.

I was diagnosed with low grade serous in July 2016 age 31 I have had surgery to remove what they can with still some visible there. Have had 3 rounds of chemo ( carbo,taxol and avastin) 6 sessions to have then another 12 of avastin on its own.

Just wondered if anyone else has the same and how long ago they have been fighting this horrible disease.

Thank you


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  • Hello I'm low grade to . I was diagnosed 2015 stage 3c . It will be 1 year cancer free and I feel good . I wish you well xoxo

  • That's amazing to hear wish u all the best x

  • Hi leeanne84, welcome to our lovely forum. My diagnosis was different to yours so I can't advise you but there will be lots of lovely ladies on here who will be able to.

    Just wanted to say hello and to say keep strong, sending big hugs ❤xx Jane

  • Hi there thank you for ur reply. Wish u all the best too x

  • Hi.

    I was diagnosed low grade serous 3b in Dec 2014. Had surgery but left with residual tumours in awkward places. No other therapy at that time. Been on watch and wait since then with option of further surgery/chemo at later stage.

    There are a couple of other low graders who post on here. There doesn't seem to be many of us, but we seem to spot these posts and respond. So you might find a couple of other people are still to respond.

    We're a mixed bag with some of us having had chemo and some of us not.

  • Hiya yours sounds very under control long may it continue. Good luck x

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with borderline in 2012 and had debulking surgery and no chemo. I then recurred in 2015 but this time it decided to go one better as it had come back as low grade so I had six sessions of carbo. I've been on letrazole ever since. Xx

  • Wish u all the best x

  • Hi Leanne

    I am 3a low grade serous - post op 19 months now and feeling very good. It's just a day by day journey and the anxiety does get the better of me at times but I am still here and plan to be for a long long time. There is a closed Facebook page - Borderline Ovarian Cancer/Tumours which has a lot of younger members which you may find helpful.

    Bev x

  • Hi Bev thank you for your reply. Have you been in remission since then? I'm not sure wot grade I am will find out next week at my next app.

    Thank you


  • Yes in remission but will never be clear. As I am 3a although they removed all tumours when they did the 'wash' had positive micro cells. But had 6 cycles of chemo and CA125 still low so am being positive (on good days!).


  • Hi there - I was diagnosed low grade serous in 2009. I hope you will get a long remission now. You will find much help and support and information on these pages.

    Very best wishes Nicola

  • Hi Nicola thank you for your reply. Have you been in remission since then? Also do you have any tips that you think helps?

    Thank you


  • Hi Leeanne - no, unfortunately not. I had a long remission until 2013 and I am now just having my 3rd line of chemo. Technically low-grade can be managed with treatment. Try not to worry but I know it is hard, you are very young. I was 40 at diagnosis. You can read it in my profile. Are you French? - Nicola

  • I'm more worried they miss it wen checking and then it being to late and treatment not working. I have 2 young kids and need to be here for them and they need me.

    No I'm Scottish I live in Edinburgh


  • Hi Leeanne - sorry sounded like a French name. Perhaps try to find some other people of your age around you to talk to. Or use this forum, it is really wonderful. Everyone has the same worries. - Nicola

  • I was diagnosed with low grade serous in 2011. I am currently on a trial for a new treatment specifically for recurrent low grade. Have they tested your tumours for oestrogen receptors. It might be worth asking them as hormone therapies sometimes work better with low grade cancers

  • Hiya I will ask wen I see him. Not sure if he will do anything this now as on treatment at the moment x

  • Yes but its useful for the future and there is some anecdotal evidence that going on hormone therapy as a maintenance treatment once you have finished with avastin could prolong your remission

  • Hello there, I'm low grade serous (1c). Had total abdo hysterectomy + extras in Dec-2015, and then weekly carbo/taxol from Feb-May 2016. They put me on Anastrozole (aromatase inhibitor) in July 2016 which makes my joints ache alot but I can deal with it and, so far, so good :) Going back to oncology in March to find out the results of a recent CT scan. x

  • Hi Nicola, and welcome to the site, I am sure there are one or two ladies from Scotland on here. It is a scary time surgery and chemo. I believe you are in good hands and should do well on Avastin. It does keep it at bay for the most. Meantime, you will have yuck days for next few chemos but shouldnt find the Avastin on its own too taxing. I wish you well just make sure that if your anti sick isnt enough ask your team for stronger stuff, small meals rather than large ones are better when you feel off. In addition make sure you have movicol if you are constipated. Your team should have given you all the meds you need but do come and ask us anything. I havent the same time of Cancer either but we would be familiar with side effects of treatment. All the very best

  • Hi Leeaisnne84

    I am a low grader serous 3b. Had radical hysterectomy Feb. 2014 so three years on now - feel great. No chemo - was on watch and wait for abt. 18 months - transferred hospital. Found my cells were strongly oestrogen positive/progesterone negative. Put on Letrozole, another Aromatase Inhibitor, and have been one this for abt. 16 months. Had genetic testing for BRAC1 and 2 due to possible hereditory factors - negative. Low graders do not have these mutations. Best wishes to you with your treatment.


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