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I met with my oncologist yesterday to get the latest scan results. The cancer has now spread to the lymph nodes in my chest and some of the old sites in my abdomen have doubled in size.

I decided to try for a new drug trial for women with low grade serous called the LOGS trial. The first stage is to get slides of my tissue from hysterectomy to the study team for review. I will also need a heart echo, eye test, another CT scan and a fresh biopsy. Luckily one of my nodules is easily accessible and they should be able to do a biopsy under a local.

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  • Glad you've got a plan. I hope things go well. It's a shame they need another biopsy though, isn't it? Sending you good wishes for the New Year .. Xx

  • I guess they need to make sure that all their samples are consistent

  • I really hope that you're ok after having your news, that's a lot to take in at once I imagine xxx

    Hopefully it won't take long to get the tissue slide and that your tests can be arranged quickly so you can keep moving towards the trial.

    How do you feel? Do you have a good team who are there for you and who answer your questions and concerns promptly? I just wondered if it would help to speak with the OvaCome nurse if you need to bounce things off someone...by the way I'm not saying you DO need that - it's just a thought as you've had a lot to process since yesterday.

    take care

    Clare ❤️💐💐 xx

  • Its been 6 yrs since my diagnosis. I have a very good team and this did not come as a surprise I have been having symptoms for a while now. My last scan in July showed some new sites in my abdomen but they were small. Thanks for the advice but I don't really feel the need for the ovacome help line excellent as their advice has been in the past.

  • Good luck with the trial - it can feel a mountain to climb just to get started!

  • Well you have a plan, best of luck with the biopsy and hope you will get on the trial. I am of course sorry that the news wasnt better but never ever give up

  • Good lick with the trial. I have some lumps on my chest, since 3 years ago, and chemo has reduced them so far xx

  • Thank you I finished my last round of chemo just over a year ago and there was some shrinkage but those site have started to grow again and I have some new ones.

  • Wishing you all the best for biopsy and hope you get on the trial ,I was diagnosed Lgsoc Sept 14 3b ,good to hear about trial for low graders to have more treatment options x

  • Just want to say that I hope you get on the trial and that it works. Big hugs. Ann xx

  • Hi there ....I am on a trial , a phase two Immunotherapy .

    The Best thing about a trial is how well you are looked after ; it can all seem very intrusive , almost a job of work ! And all very time consuming .

    As well as an outcome for oneself , we can really hope that we are helping others eventually .

    The oncologists and researchers need us as much as we need them !

    I really hope that it all goes well for you .


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