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Last time I posted I mentioned that I was being put forward for a drug trial for a new treatment for low grade ovarian cancer.

My slides have been reviewed and accepted. I have also had my heart scan, eye test and my biopsy this week. I am just waiting to find out the results of the randomisation process to see which arm of the trial I will be on.

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  • Good luck with this trial xxx

  • I'll be really interested to see how you get on as I'm also Low Grade and it looks like I will be needing more treatment and they are talking about a possible Trial at Addenbrookes. I've looked into it and Addenbrookes are doing this Trial. Can I ask you what the biopsy involved ? Many thanks Kerry x

  • I have a lump just below the skin in the pelvic region so the biopsy involved a big needle and a local anaesthetic. The biopsy is mandatory for this study but I think if they try and they fail because its not safe/possible you can still be allowed onto the trial

  • Ok thanks for that. Xx

  • Good luck with your trial. All the best!

  • Wishing you all the best xx

  • Wishing you all the best . Keep us posted xoxo

  • Good news, from what I read of trials you will have a lot of care and attention and regular checks all of which is good.

    I heard this week that I didn't get into the clear cell one which is disappointing and I'll be asking why this week as I seemed to meet the criteria.

    Good luck with yours

    Clare xx

  • They may bot know. I got turned down for a trial back in 2014 and was never told why. My oncologist also was bever told

  • Ah that's interesting, thanks x

  • Hi Clare, sorry to hear you haven't been able to get on to this trial. It's hard enough to fit the criteria but to fit the criteria & still be refused must be even harder. I hope they can offer you another trial or chemo that will zap it.

    I know you will have your big fighting nickers on at your next appointment & won't let them fob you off. Good luck take care Cindyxx

  • Hi there ..

    I'm glad it's so far, so good. I was wondering if you prefer the hormone treatment if you don't get on the inhibitor?

    I read that you don't have to have a biopsy if you choose not to. They're using the tissue to find bio markers to see where the drug is most effective.

    I also read that, if you get into the chemo/hormone arms and the disease continues, you can then be given the inhibitor which is something, isn't it?


  • I have already had letrozole so I can't have it on the trial. I think the alternate is caelyx

  • Are you allowed Tamoxifen? If not, I think I'd prefer to get the targeted drug.

  • Tamoxifen is one of the alternate treatments. The computer decides which arm of the trial I am on

  • If I get out on the alternate treatment and it doesn't work then you automatically get the option of trying the trial drug

  • Good luck and my best wishes xx

  • Hi there, all fingers crossed that it goes well on your trial. Good luck take care Cindyxx

  • That is great news I hope all goes ahead as planned and look forward to updates

  • Almost there.... good luck!

  • Every best wish ....you do get very well looked after on a trial , you become very special to them !

  • Do you know name of drug for the trial?

  • The trial is called the logs trial and the drug involved is called trametinib. You can read more about it here


  • Good luck. I hope you do really really well. I am also low grade.


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