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I am Going through the necessary criteria to start on the Trials. Had the biopsy done yesterday and have to say I was quite frightened about having the procedure having had a biopsy taken when I was first diagnosed but at a different hospital.

I need not have had any concerns, The Royal Marsden with their amazing staff were just wonderful. From the Receptionist through to the nurses and doctor they were just fantastic. I was treated with kindness and understanding, the procedure was explained to me as was the use of pain relief medication. The nurses held my hand, chatted to me and I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. I was returned to the day unit where I had to rest for a few hours. I was offered food and drinks, had a television to watch and the nurses kept popping in to see if I was ok. Truly the best treatment I have received since being diagnosed 4.5 years ago. Wish I could have said the same about treatment from the other hospital when I had the hystorectomy.

I feel so privileged to be a patient of this amazing hospital, from what is written about other hospitals and from my own experience, I just wish all hospitals could be up to the standard of The Royal Marsden.

ECG and sight test to go through then if all is ok I will be given the trial drugs with the hope of shrinking the tumor.

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  • So pleased to hear someone getting good treatment,it's what we all deserve, but don't always get.

    Really positive and long may it continue,

    Love Carole xxx

  • How true. One of the nurses I was talking to at the RM said the staff / patient ratio is high therefore they have more time to spend with each patient. The staff I spoke with all seemed to be happy in their jobs which makes a difference as to how they work.

  • That was so lovely to read. Wish care could be like that everywhere Wishing you lots of luck and the best of care xxx

  • Thank you. Good wishes to you too X

  • That really sounds great and if the staff patient ratio is high then staff morale is much better because they know they are appreciated and have job satisfaction. Best of luck with the rest of the results and hope all will be fine for the go ahead

  • Thank you, all the very best to you x

  • What a great post and what a comfort it will be for anyone waiting for a trial or going to that hospital. I'm so glad you were looked after so well and yes it's a real shame that not everyone gets that level of care and supoort or every hospital is at that standard.

    Have a great weekend and take care

    Clare X

  • Hi do you live in Coventry x

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