A happy new year!!

Good morning everyone

Well it has been some time since i last posted but i thought i would use this festive period to catch up

For those that may remember me i was diagnosed with the gift that keeps on giving ( as i like to call it!!) in july 2015 after a couple instances of slight right sided pain!!! i underwent a total hystericalectomy and then i was told i was 1c and then had 6 months of carboplatin ( or blast anything thats left/belt and braces!!!)

so i finished chemo january 2016 and back to work april 2016 , i have continued to work since then on the whole all going well apart from some odd stomach goings on in august which i got in touch with my onc who sent me for a ct ( and drink a pint of fluid as fast as you can !!!) scan which came back ok

apart from hot flushes and numerous other menopausal symptoms which i could list but wont bore you ( why its called MEN-opausal) probably because its a pain in the arse!!!!!! i feel ok i go with the rule of thumb my onc told me if any pain or twinge lasts constantly longer than a week get in touch , i have my 3/4 monthly check ups always a nerve racking experience still !!! takes you back to the start everytime!!

so i have had my one year anniversary from diagnosis and now coming up to my one year anniversary from finishing chemo !! its still in my mind sometimes although in a box!!! and those close to me tend to find it easier to deal with it by pretending cancer has left the building completly like elvis !! my new normal allows me to think its a box with the lid shut for the time being !!!!

its a bit like a bad smell this cancer malarky it pops up when you least expect it!! my other half is struggling at the minute he did so well when we were all in the thick of it but now its stopped him in his tracks a bit along with a parent with alzheimers and a few other of lifes gems it throws at you!!!! but we plod on through the " quicksand of life" and keep going!!!

What will 2017 bring who knows but i intend to make the most of it whilst i can particularly after the news of george michael carrie fisher in the past few days as the boys on last leg say " 2016 YOUR A DICK!!!"

so i wish EACH and EVERYONE of you a Happy New Year full of fun laughter and love ❤️

and hope everyones " elvis leaves the building"!!!


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  • Hey Claire!

    Happy New Year to you too! I am only a couple of months behind you with the same diagnosis (stage and grade) so I know exactly what you are saying! I am hoping that 2017 is the year when I will be able to put it in a box and leave it there!!!!!

    All the best!


  • Hi Claire - good to hear your update and long may your positive approach to this continue. All the very best for 2017 x

  • Wishing you all the best for 2017.

  • Hi Claire, wishing you a happy and health 2017 too. Keep that box shut! Sending hugs and love ❤xx Jane

  • Happy New Year and all that. Your post made me chuckle and often I forget to see any humour in the situation but it is sooooo important. Good luck with all that life brings in 2017. G x

  • Hi Claire,

    You did make me smile! I was 1c and am 21 months after finishing treatment and can agree with all you say.I am the same age as Carrie Fisher and I don't want to end up like poor old George (my gay mad fancy),overweight and a recluse.Theres every chance of that the way I feel at the moment,but I will put my Superwoman pants on in the New Year and do something about it, I'm not going down without a fight!!

    I wish you and everyone health and happiness for the New Year


    Carole xxx

  • Hi Claire, lovely to hear from you, sorry your husband is having a time of it at the moment but unfortunately life can be harsh and family stuff happens along with the illness, My late mother developed dementia which was very stressful for me and then before I completed treatment she was diagnosed with stomach Cancer, she also had a broken pelvis due to a fall in her nursing home. Life is never easy. I am glad you are doing okay and I really hope this will always be the case for you. Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2017

  • Great post and I can relate entirely to what you've written about your hubby as mine too is finding it more of a struggle now that he did when I was diagnosed or having treatment. He worries with every twinge etc I have and I do think he may need to speak with someone.

    We too think 2016 has been difficult and from my first scan on 21st Jan, following agonising pain on 22nd Dec, to now we seem to have lost the whole year.

    I'm well at the moment albeit with a rising CA which I think is linked to something going on with my intestines and I have a flexible (yea right!!) sigmoidoscopy booked for next week to have a look/ see.

    2017 is another year for us all and hopefully one that we can all get pleasure from.

    Uh her her (poor attempt at Elvis speak........)

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Here's to another year and going to kick this thing with a big fat boot best of luck to everyone us warriors are to keep on fighting love to allxx

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