"1st Chemoversary"

"1st Chemoversary"

Well Ladies,

This day one year ago I finished Chemo! I cant believe it was one year ago the time flies! I am good at the minute living my life as best I can and keeping in touch with you gang of cancer ninjas!!!!

I was at the GP yesterday for bloods as I have my 6 monthly review with the Gynae Onc on the 11th April and I wanted to get a CA125 done for that! I have not had one since I finished Chemo, its not a good marker for me as it was never above the 35 but it was 26 on diagnosis and the last time I asked which was after Chemo 4 it was 6. While I would like to think that its not playing on my mind I know it is but I am trying to put it away in a box until I have to think about it. Some days the fear of recurrence literally hits me like a steam train to the point where it almost takes my breath away to be honest! Every ache and pain every sneeze and twinge makes me think its back! I work very hard to try not to let it get me down but it is great to know that you are all here to listen and know exactly how I feel!

For those of you going through a hard time at the minute I hope you are all ok!

For those of you on the start of your journey I am a year out and life is great so there is light at the end of, what no doubt at the beginning looks like a never ending tunnel!

Onwards and Upwards dear friends!

Carpe Diem!!!


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  • Well done you!!!

  • That is so good hear D, I wish you a all the best, I look forward to hearing you are on your second year post chemo!!



  • Go girl, onwards👏👏💪

    D x

  • Wow ... a year and you look amazing ..🎉🎉🎉

  • Well done .🍾🍾🍾👍 Following in your footsteps finished chemo in January on Avastin and keeping everything crossed. Having counselling to help and due to start a fear of reccurance group . Totally understand how you feel . Some days it is just overwhelming but most now are good.

    Wishing you many more NED years ahead . You go girl !!

    Have fun love and best wishes Kim X

  • Well done D, wishing you all the best

    L x

  • Awesome news, happy anniversary, doesn't the time fly by? Carry on living life to its very fullest and enjoy every minute.

    I think we all live with the ghost of the OC lurking somewhere but hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones, I am so far, I'm two and a quarter years post chemo and nearly three years to my original diagnosis date, it all seems so very long ago yet only yesterday? it has totally changed how I now live my life and hope to continue doing so.

    Keep living it large D and embrace each new adventure.

    Big congrats hugs and lots of love ❤️ xx Jane

  • Well done! Facebook tells me it's a year ago since I finished my carbo-taxol (I've been on solo Avastin since, now finished that too) so will be raising a glass to life tonight. Thanks for your balanced view on the good, the bad and the ugly of OC! Keep having fun.

  • Fabulous 🌻🌻🌷🌷

  • One year! You must be feeling pleased. I know it exactly what you mean about aches and pains. I like the cartoon as well.

  • Whoohoo!! Well done D on your 1st anniversary!! Time flies doesn't it but not when you're under the influence of chemo and stuck in the eye of the storm! I wish you all the best and keep living life to the full!! 👍🏻 Love Michelle xx

  • Ah my friend...congrats on your milestone! I think we can all sympathise with the fear of reoccurrence...every pain...every niggle...it's an ongoing battle. Fingers crossed the CA125 comes back 'normal' although not a good indicator for you I know. Onwards and upwards indeed :) xx

  • What a fantastic post, yes I agree there is life after Chemo and for those of us with recurrences there is life in between treatments. It is easy for our minds and heads to work overtime and my gp is very good at reminding me when I complain that it could be OC they always have to check for possibility so in reality my gp is better than me at overthinking. Enjoy your life to the full D we need to make the days count and not count the days, all the very very best

  • Good to hear you are feeling good, wishing you all the best and love hearing that you are enjoying life!!

    You go girl!!!


  • It's amazing how fast that year has gone D. You have done some amazing activities and holidays and really given me lots of strength to continue to live life to the full. You are one amazing lady.


  • You go girl! A year goes bubs fast and in retrospect it's even hard to remember those hard times during treatment. Go out and celebrate yourself and what you have accomplished!

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