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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year one and all. After finding out I had cancer recently with a 7 hour surgery I am going to make every year count. Thank you all for helping me change my attitude about hair loss saying it means the chemo is doing it's job so hair loss so be it..chemo do your job.......not to sound snooty but I loved the color of my hair so I just hope it comes in the same color.

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Your hair will return-and will eventually get back to the way it was before. The first growth can be a bit frizzy or curly even but once you have this cut out it should be fine. More importantly- you will be able to enjoy it! Hope 2019 brings you all you wish for xx

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Thank you and best wishes to you

Great objectives! Make every year and indeed every day count, sometimes in the tiniest way. I couldn’t have chemo yesterday as neutrophils were too low and I was surprised how disappointed I was . But rethinking it meant it is a weeks holiday from feeling unwell. I’m finding so many things have positives as well as negatives.

Hope you have a happy new year

Alex x

You are so right.

“Rethinking “ can make such a difference. I believe it was called “spin” in the 1990’s.


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Best wishes...your positive so wonderful

Wished losing my hair meant chemo was doing its job. Lost all mine in August. 4 days before Xmas after second scan told no operation in my future chemo not reduced cancer enough for me to have any surgery. Sorry not the Xmas news I wanted

Are they going to put you on Avastin? Your story sounds similar to my special person’s she got told no surgery then they put Avastin in the mix and it done it’s job and was eventually able to have surgery xxx

Yes I start avastin iv chemo this month. Worried about the perforated bowel side effects consultant mentioned as she has now written about them so are they very common .? Letter also says cancer on liver and spleen has calcified which she did not mention at meetings don't know what this means if she had told me then I could have asked?

.Can you call her and get more information..Geez that would drive me crazy...Good Luck...

Yes it is I will call when they are back at work.

It varies from person to person. My special person never had a perforated bowel. You can always contact your CNS to ask about the calcification although I believe it’s pretty normal xxx

Thank you for replying good to hear they had no bowel perforation. I will be ringing specialist nurse tomorrow when they are back.

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