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Happy New Year

Ending a truly horrendous 2015 sitting in hospital waiting to have my portacath taken out. It was exactly a year ago that I noticed a strange lump in my abdomen which turned out to be stage 3C ovarian cancer. Surgery in May, and 18 weeks of chemo later I am now thankful for getting here, keeping everything crossed that I can draw a line. I know nothing is certain but I feel that fate has intervened and the fact I'm scheduled to have my port taken out today must mean I am meant to start 2016 with nothing to remind me (apart from the scars!!!)

I hope you all have a fantastic and positive new year xx

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Good luck with your port hope its all done and dusted and that you start the New Year with a clean slate and go on from there, Happy New Year

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Great news that it's a positive step, I hope 2016 brings good things in leaps and bounds

LA xx


Good New Year morning, Becky. I agree with Lily-Ann - sounds positive. My porta-cath was last used for chemo in Aug 2013 and the oncologist said "there is no need to remove it as you'll need it again at some point"!! My GP now flushes it out every 6-8weeks to prevent it getting blocked/infected. The fact your oncologist is happy for yours to be removed sounds great to my ears!

Best wishes for 2016,


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Happy new year Becky. Reading the other replies it seems that the removal of your port has to be a good thing as it implies you wont be needing it in the near future. Well done you. Now it's onward and upward and you can step into this fresh new year with feeling of lightness.



Great news. Happy new Year

Caz x


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