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Happy New Year!

Hello all,

We’re just home from our annual NYE bash which includes dancing, drinking, eating, gossiping and sampling a small selection of single malts with some great friends. Now, in the quiet of our home, I have time to reflect on this year with its highs and lows for all of us - such sadness, and such humour, such hope and such despair at times.

May 2018 bring as much joy and hope as it can to everyone on this fantastic forum - I raise my glass to you all (only water now of course, it is nearly for o’clock in the morning)!

Goodnight, with love, Ali x

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Happy New Year to you too Ali. Echo sentiments entirely. Cone on 2018 do your business xxxx Netti


Happy new year to you too Ali. All good wishes for 2018 💐x


Happy new year to you too Ali. Xx


Wow! That was a long night! Still it’s only one night a year! Unless you’re going to celebrate Robbie Burns in a like fashion. Sounds good to me!


I’m happy to announce that Burns Night follows a similar pattern, although we dispense with the Japanese whiskey and stick to the Scottish single malts! Kilts are worn, haggis is eaten and we stagger home even later!!

Guess I should mention that other celebrations are available!

Happy New Year to you, Ali x


Sounds real fun - until the next morning!!😒 Enjoy yourself.

Happy 2018. Solange x😊X


Do you Address the Hagis too?

It sounds a grand might out. I agree you should ditch the Japanese stuff in readiness. Tell me, how exactly do you go about doing that?

As the daughter of a Scot, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without malt whisky, chemo or no chemo, that I currently do not like the taste of alcohol is neither here nor there. Every night I have a mere thimbleful of my Laphroaig but have hugged a whole dram on the main days. I’ll definitely have some left for my haggis.

The wind and rain are so noisy, I’m still awake and I’m a generally good sleeper. Hence I’m spending time in the middle of the night.


Yes, I was awake to listen to storm Eleanor too. My youngest daughter is called Eleanor and has a similar temperament. She is also kind, generous and beautiful so not quite a match!

A coincidence that my favourite is Laphroaig - tried a different Laphroaig on NYE called Select. It seemed to be a version which has been slightly de-peated to appeal to the masses - one avoided if you ask me.

Yes we pipe the haggis in and address it - I even found an address to a vegetarian haggis which we have too!

First riding lesson of the year today - doubtless because of the wind there will be crocodiles in the bushes to frighten the horses!

Best wishes and here’s to a wee dram, Ali x

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