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Happy New Year

In all honesty.. I worried what I might say when people wished me a 'happy new year' but seeing people I know and love happy last night lifted my spirits in a way I cant describe.. so indeed it is a very happy new year and even though my news was not good, I still had the most happiest Christmas and new year ever, so I desperatly want to pass some of that cheer on to anyone else dealing with bad news, chemo or just feeling a bit blue! At long last the sun is shining so smile and feel the warmth of the sun...Hugs to all xx

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Hi Kitjules,

Lovely to hear from you... thank you for passing your cheer is gratefully accepted ... you know we all understand where you are coming from on here....sending you loads of love x G x 8-)


Lovely to see the blue sky this morning wasn't it and your good cheer is great, we all seem a little in the same boat today. Going to shake myself down and get out in the fresh air and go and walk by the harbour, guarantee cheer up walk as lots of people will be out and about smiling in the new year. Thank you

Hugs Amanda xxxx


Dear Jules

I'm so glad you had a good New Year with friends. I had hoped with the surgery last year that it would be the end to any bad news for you. I'm really sorry you've had that to contend with as well.

I think quite a few of us felt a bit wobbly leading up to New Year's Eve but this morning the sun shone when I took the dog out and it seemed everyone was full of joy. Let's hope the year, which seems to have started well, improves as it goes on.

Your Happy New Year message is very uplifting. I'm here in Cardiff raising a (virtual) glass and toasting your better health.

lots of love xxx Annie


thankyou Kitjules

Lots of love and hugs to youxx



Thanks for your message......hope 2013 brings good things to you. :-)

Love n hugs, Wendy xx


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