Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone from a sixteen year survivor despite OC trying to finish me off five times! More worried about suspicious dripping sound down my chimney and no Christmas chocolates left.

I am not very computer literate but why am I having to log in every time I want to look up a post even when I tick box for keeping me logged in?

Hope everyone has a healthy,happy 2016.


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  • Hi Viv

    Happy new year to you too! Thank you for posting your inspiring story . It's great to hear from long term survivors when we are in the throes of treatment . Wishing you ongoing good health and hope nothing too see wrong with your chimney !

  • Well your post is a very positive one and gives us all some good vibes. I have done four chemo journeys so far and one radiotherapy. I was diagnosed almost ten years ago. I hope your chimney is okay this rain gets in everywhere. My bathroom has damp patches but had visitors so not sure if condensation from the many showers or a drip from the gutters. We are flooded out here in Cork but I am up on a hill and away from the river. Tonight it was so bad, they have brought in the army,fire brigade etc to help the poor people whose houses are at risk. Happy New Year to you, I still have chocs left, too many in fact

  • I needed to read your post tonight as feeling quite down. Sixteen years is fab. I've got loads of choc everyone tried to fatten me up for Christmas!

    Happy new year. I used to have log in problems not sure how it resolved though so that wasn't helpful at all lol sorry

    LA xx

  • Viv, wishing you dry chimneys and a lifelong supply of chocs as a 'thank you' for this fantastic cheering up message. Lesley

  • Ah Viv - what tonic! Long may you continue to thwart this horrid disease and may your chimney be easily sorted. X X

  • Thank you Viv for the postive post. Good luck with your dripping chimney, my daughters bedroom ceiling has developed an odd/worrying patch!

    I too have to log in each time despite ticking the bix to stay logged in, so will be pleased if you find out the answer!

    Happy New Year

    Dawn xx

  • Happy New Year Tutti. What a positive post. It would be great if like you other long term survivors would give us their good news too. It gives us all so much hope that we can maybe dream about putting it all behind us. You have made my day.


  • Thanks for your positive post I too needed something to boost me as seem to have the new year blues today after staying very upbeat all through Xmas! Think the next chemo due on Tuesday could have something to do with it. Worrying about the chimney and chocolates sounds refreshingly normal! But I hope the former is nothing serious and the latter can soon be solved!

    I get notification of my posts in my email inbox and don't need to keep logging in but I'm not sure how it got set up like that. Sorry not v good with social media type stuff ! Wishing you all the best for 2016,

    Madeline X

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