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Secondline treatment with Avastin/Doxil

Hello! I'm just starting secondline treatment consisting of Avastin/Doxil for 6 rounds. I will have Avastin/Doxil on day 1 and Avastin on day 15 for 6 months. I'm curious at what point the PPE might rear it's head. Do you only need to be super cautious for the first 5 days after treatment and then go back to 'normal'. ...... Meaning hot showers, hot coffee, exercise, etc..

I'm also wondering who might have already completed a regimine like this and what success they had.

I was diagnosed in June 2016 with Stage IIIc clear cell. I had a complete hysterectomy followed 4 weeks later by chemotherapy with Carbo/Taxol for 6 rounds. I completed my last treatment on November 1, 2016. During that time I struggled with ascities, having 3 paracentesis between treatments 2-4. My CA125 was always up and down. After my last treatmen I was an 86.

My Oncologist did a pelvic exam (which was normal) and ordered a CT Scan. The CT showed mild to moderate ascities still present. That combined with my CA125 not normalizing is when he decided to begin Secondline treatment. I had my first round on December 13, 2016.

Thank you!

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Hi I can't answer your questions I'm afraid but I'm interested if you also had of have any other symptoms, or was it that your ascites hadnt totally gone? Re starting second line treatment was it based on your fluctuating CA level or were you having your formal post treatment review when it was decided?I know it's a lot of questions but I'm trying to understand when and why treatment restarts! I hope you don't mind me asking

Take care

Clare xx


I don't mind at all!!

I had my post treatment follow up 3 weeks after my last cycle. It was then he did another CA125 (which was 86), a pelvic exam (which he detected nothing), and a CT Scan (that showed mild to moderat ascites....still). Since I had two of the three things he relies on to determine future treatment he decided to move right into second line.

Prior to him getting the CT results he indicated he would just watch my CA125 every 5 weeks. If it doubled he would have started at that time. His preference is to have a significant amount of time between first and second line. I think because chemo is so hard on other 'things' in your body. Unfortunately, since the ascities indicates my cancer is still very active he didn't want to wait.

I hope that answered your question. Please let me know if it didn't.

Be well!

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Thank you xx


I had Avastin but every three weeks with Gemzar day one and day 8. I got a good result, However all oncologists think differently, I am here in Ireland and not sure if Doxil is used here. I am currently stable so hopefully you will get a good result too, I wish you well

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