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My last treatment of avastin

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Today I finally had my last cycle of avastin all has been well but it took longer to just get this one because of blood count then went to get it again then it was protein I was on tender hooks wandering whether I was finish this treatment.

Then I had the apprehension of what happens when it ended well I was assured if anything ocurrs that not right they will try other methods of treatment I will not be put on trial as I have neutraphenia but it a relieve that they will still monitor me they have scheduled a scan for first week of December then appointment with consultant before Christmas so I be able to enjoy the break just to let you know I been put at ease. And wish everyone the bestx

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HI Bobby01, I am kind of in the same boat. Nurse told me two weeks ago that I was about to get my final one. However, since I was having a scan that day, I asked how could they make a decision without considering the scan? So back to onc on Monday for result and to hear the news officially. Then did end up giving me a tentative apt but that can be cancelled. I didnt get protein and my bloods have been okay. I agree with you, its like floundering at sea, because you dont know what will happen next or when it will happen. Have a few questions written down to ask on Monday but knowing me, I will hesitate. I know also that I will be monitored but the fear is there isnt it? Then again we cant let it rule our lives because we have to live in the now and take every day as it comes. I am glad you have been put at ease by your team and really they do look out for us at the end of the day. I wish you well and a long remission

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Thankyou for replying to me I have a few anxious times along the way but I keep my self busy and take each day as it come and my consultant assured me there are people that don't get as far as most so I think my self lucky wish you all the best

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You are doing well and yes I agree we take each day as it comes good or not so good and keep going.

Hi I too am on Avastin and you say you have finished this treatment.,can I ask how many cycles you had and over what period. Thank you Pamx

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I had 18 cycles for 6 months at three week intervals

Hi Fluffy Cloud, I have lost count so about thirty. Every three weeks for two years we are lucky it has been more accessible here in Ireland but it seems now that the cut off is two years whereas before it was two and a half. Seeing onc on Monday and take it from there.

Sorry it was 12 months

Also it was only funded for that amount of cycles

Hi, I have 3 more sessions of Avastin left out of my 18, getting a little nervous as to what the long term plan looks like, I guess it will be regular scans and follow up appointments. I must admit though after 18 months of treatment I'm looking forward to a break. Good luck and keep smiling xxx

My consultant said things will get monitored from now on which is reassuring

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