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Hi all

Haven't posted in a while but completed my 2nd line chemo in December last year and thankfully had the all clear. Am approaching my year appointment on 12th December but for the last 2 weeks I have had a niggling pain at the bottom of my right rib cage just when I breathe in deeply, apart from that I don't feel it. I rang my GP last week who don't seem concerned but as it's still there this week I rang my gynae nurse who emailed my consultant and he suggested I have a blood test before my appointment on 12th. I am going in today on my lunch hour to have it. I had bloods taken on my last 3 month appointment in September where my reading was 7 so I was so pleased as it was 6 last December on completion of treatment.

I am just worried that it has spread to my lung or liver, I can't help it but I am trying hard not to think the worst. I have no other symptoms at all.

Has anybody experienced anything like this?

Thank you

Jo xxx

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Hi Jo In a word yes and it turned out to be nothing. It's very very easy to take every ache, pain, twinge etc and worry that the cancer as spread or recurred. It's also very easy to focus on pain which then never seems to go until someone confirms that it's nothing, as I have done on a couple of occasions. I do hope your blood test and check up reveal all is well. Best wishes. Kathy xxx

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Thanks Kathy, I've had my bloods done now so hopefully will have the results tomorrow. You're right about focussing on something and when it's confirmed it's nothing it seems to go away! I probably wouldn't think anything of it if I hadn't been through what I have but because of that automatically I worry! My stage was 3b in 2012 full hysterectomy followed by 6 chemos. it came back in June 2015 dotted in my stomach cavity had ascites drained and then 6 chemo's got rid of it. It's never been in lymph nodes or in any other organs but I'm still worried as I know it can travel. Anyway onwards and upwards and fingers crossed for tomorrow/Friday. I've seen your posts before and think you have done really well and that gives us all hope :)

Take care and thanks again.

Jo xxx

Hi Jo, I think it's perfectly normal to worry especially after what you've already been through. The important thing is to act on any concerns, which you've done & get things checked out, which you are 😊

You already know it could be just about anything but we naturally worry it's the worst case scenario. I have everything crossed your bloods come back sound & your check up on the 12th goes well. An important milestone & I wish you well Hun xx

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Thanks for your reply, yes I was looking forward to my year milestone in December so hopefully I will still be able to, fingers crossed xxx

Good luck and hope everything goes well :) sometimes we need that someone say to us that everything look good ! ❀

Thank you and yes I agree xxx

Hello Jo, You've done the right thing and asked for the niggling pain to be investigated. Hopefully it will be nothing to worry about.

All the best! Helen

Thank you, will let you know results which I'll hopefully get tomorrow xx

Hi Jo,

We all worry about every ache and pain about being a return of OC.

It's strange because I had loads of pains before my routine scan and bloods, but had an NED and since then they have all gone away.

I think a lot of it is stress,it is all normal,we all go through it,just don't worry needlessly....easier said than done!

Best wishes,

Carole xxx

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Thank you so much for your reply, yes I think you're right, usually I'm not one to worry unnecessarily but this has gone on for a few weeks although I feel fine in myself so I do need to get it checked out, you get to know your own body and what's right and wrong. I'm crossing everything and hoping it's muscular or something simple!

Jo xx πŸ’œ

Jo welcome to the worry gang, each and every one of us worry coming up to check ups etc. Try and relax and hopefully the bloods will come back in the normal range. The pain could be muscle related with the cold weather we have at the moment. I really hope that is all it is

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Hi, thank you for your reply yes like I said above I'm hoping it's muscular or something simple that'll just go away but not taking any chances because of my previous history. Will be in touch tomorrow, thank you so much

Jo xx πŸ’œ

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